Email Personalization Best Practices for Every Marketer

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Email personalization isn’t just a fleeting trend. It’s the core of authentic connection.

So, do you want the ultimate best practice for email marketing? It’s this: Start personalizing, and don’t stop!

Today’s consumers are sophisticated and increasingly expect the same from the brands they support. Buyers yearn for individual recognition, for an experience that resonates, and for content that’s tailored to their unique preferences and needs.

But you probably already know all of that.

You’re here to dig a bit deeper, and we’re here to help. Let’s look at some of the overall best email personalization practices that every marketer can employ. And while we’re at it, check out how Zembula makes enacting these best practices a lot simpler than you might realize.

The Right Way To Use Name Personalization

Addressing your customer once by name is great, but it’s not going to set you apart. It’s likely that all of your competitors are doing exactly the same.

There are two keys to doing email name personalization right. The first is to use the name not once but repeatedly. The second key is to tie that name usage to messages that actually mean something to the individual you’re addressing.

Let’s look at this example of effective name personalization:

Do you notice how Sam isn’t called out by name once but instead three times in one short email?

That’s because continuously using a customer’s name is proven to yield results.

But the bigger impact here is in the content that’s featured. Every piece of information is specific to Sam.

How did this retailer know what to include? From their customer data. Things like browsing and shopping history can tell you everything you need to know about what your customers want to see.

Zembula makes taking that data and turning it into effective messages fast and easy. Our technology gives you the ability to harness the customer data you’re already collecting to much greater effect.

In fact, we can help you unlock your data to the point that it actually drives transactions and boosts revenue. In other words, we can make your data perform for you.

We call it performative personalization.

Effective Personalization Grabs Attention

Today’s consumers face sensory overload. Everywhere they turn, they are being hit with marketing messages. Their email inbox is the most cluttered space of all.

It takes something that your customers aren’t accustomed to seeing everywhere else for them to stop and give you their attention.

So, effectively using a name is a start. But as we discussed, too many other companies are already doing that.

What they aren’t doing is making their messages move, dance, shake, shimmer, blink, and pulse. But you can.

Zembula is the first platform that lets you animate your data. That means that you can combine your creativity with your data and our animation and automated decision-making. The result is messaging that’s totally unique, and that wins attention.

Zembula’s content builder lets you simply link any data source and effortlessly embed your content into your email template. You maintain control in the Zembula platform. Our advanced technology then empowers you to animate those messages, constructing a memorable experience for your customer.

Just imagine the power of a one-two punch that includes winning attention through animation and then maintaining that attention with content that’s deeply meaningful to the individual you’re trying to reach.

You’re Closer Than You Think

Navigating the crowded digital landscape demands innovative strategies that truly resonate with customers.

But what it does not demand is a lot of your time or money.

Zembula has done the heavy lifting for you. We’ve developed technologies that can make creating email personalization campaigns simple for you.

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