Easy ways to improve your ROI with personalization

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Let’s face it; the goal of sending out most email marketing campaigns is to induce some sort of action on the part of the reader. 

That can be as simple as opening an email. But more likely, you want your readers to engage with your email. That can mean everything from clicking a link to watching a video and yes, even buying something. 

There’s no doubt you’ve probably heard a lot about how personalization helps improve your ROI with email marketing. It’s true; personalization has been shown to help increase some of the common metrics marketers watch — including open and click rates.

You might think being able to pull off a full personalized email marketing campaign is going to be tough. But the truth is there are plenty of quick and easy things you can do with some of the email campaigns you already have to help improve your ROI.

Here are a few of them.

Abandoned cart emails

If you run any sort of ecommerce shop, you know that the vast majority of items that are put into online carts are never actually bought. 

That represents a lot of potential lost revenue. And when you can’t get everyone to come back and buy the things they were looking at, you can re-capture at least of some of them. 

One great way to do that is through personalized abandoned cart emails. 

With this type of email, you’re reminding your potential customer that they forgot a few items in their cart, but everything is still waiting for them. 

It’s even better and more personalized if you can include in the email the items that are sitting in the cart versus just a generic message. 

As you can see in the example above, the email highlights the exact items left in the cart. And it goes a bit further by also teasing both gift arrivals and new ideas too. 

This ties in with the next example, product recommendations.

Product recommendation emails

Another way to get really personal when it comes to emails is to use all the data you already have on your customers. 

Once you can understand how they are navigating your site, what products they are buying, and are interested in, you can create personalized emails tailored to their needs. 

Here’s an example:

What’s cool about this email is it really takes personalization to another level. First, you have moment of open package tracking information that lets your customer know exactly where their stuff is every time they open the email. 

Now, add to that a few product recommendations. The recommendations help remind your customer that there are plenty of other complementary products to buy that are related to what they’ve purchased. 

Adding product recommendations to these types of transactional emails can help capture a few extra customers. 

Emails that include shipping information and receipts have higher open rates, on average, so you’ll be getting a few more eyeballs when compared to your other email campaigns. And when you’re looking at even a percentage or two of new purchases, that can really add up. 

Loyalty program emails

Another place you can dive into personalizing your emails for better ROI is with customer loyalty programs. Let’s face it, loyalty and VIP programs are already a great way to grab the attention of your potential customers, so why not tap into those and get even more out of them?

There are a few ways you can approach this type of email. One is to set up a trigger system that will send personalized emails out based on a customer reaching a certain loyalty milestone. 

In the above example, the email is letting the reader know exactly how many miles they have. It teases the reader to go ahead and start using those miles to book a trip.

And it also goes a step further to highlight a few other ways miles can be earned so the reader can start racking them up if they want to.

Here, you could also add in product recommendations or even a coupon for a local store. So they’re quite a few ways for this type of email to be formatted to appeal to your VIPs.

At the end of the day, there are plenty of easy ways to start improving your email’s ROI with personalization. So don’t be afraid to explore the options and start making these small tweaks to your current campaigns.

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