Boost The Power Of Your Omni-Channel Campaigns On Selligent Marketing Cloud With Zembula’s Ratings And Reviews For Email

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With the global eCommerce market on schedule to grow to 6.54 trillion US dollars by 2022, it’s easy to see that selling products online has become an increasingly more competitive endeavor. This increased worldwide focus on selling online has propelled marketers to consistently look for ways to remain relevant to their customers. It’s in this context that omnichannel marketing suites like Selligent Marketing Cloud have become the chosen tools of marketers looking to grow their eCommerce impact. 

The main benefit of omnichannel marketing strategies is that they’re capable of delivering the right information at the right moment so that your customer can make the buying decision. This is where Zembula can complement your omnichannel campaigns by adding user-generated ratings and reviews to your email campaigns. 

Selligent Platform

Ratings and reviews: the most powerful trust-building tool

Ratings and reviews are so effective in selling products that they have even created a whole review industry to flourish. Whether you’re looking at apparel, musical instruments, cars, or some other niche product, you’ll find sponsored and independent reviewers that your customers trust. And the reason for their existence is straightforward, they sell more products, but these reviewers don’t sell the features of the products, they sell their opinion and the trust that your customers have in their views. The user-generated ratings and reviews that you have on your website serve a similar function and are essential to informing your customer’s buying decisions. 

The challenge for marketers had been to find practical ways of positioning this information with their customers. Zembula allows you to add user-generated ratings and reviews to your email campaigns with the added benefit that they’re updated in real-time at the moment of opening. This has a big impact on how effectively you transmit these messages to your customers since they don’t have to leave their inbox to read the opinions of other buyers just like them. 

Selligent Marketing Cloud is very flexible and open for developers to add custom functionality. Zembula allows you to add the rating and review functionality to your emails without the need to invest in any custom development. With Zembula you just have to copy-paste a few lines of code to integrate it with the email template. 

Zembula Ratings and Reviews Modules

It’s all about relevance

As marketers, it all boils down to being relevant to our customers, and nothing is more relevant to customers than what other customers have to say about your product or service. The best thing we can do is simply to show our customers what other customers have to say about our products, and Zembula is the best tool to make this happen. 

Reach out to our email marketing team so that we can give you a tour of Zembula’s features and how they can make a big difference in your omnichannel campaigns. 

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