Alpha Industries Grew Their Email Lists by 22x. So Can You.

 In Digital Marketing, Interactive Content, Reveal Marketing
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Everyone wants, no, NEEDS to build their email lists. This is especially true if your business is web-based! Having an engaged email list means better open rates, more click-throughs, and ultimately, more conversions for you.

Alpha Industries wanted to do a sweepstakes-style campaign supported by Facebook and Instagram posts, as well as display ads, and a large email blast to existing customers. They wanted to drive email sign-ups for their website and news, as well as Black Friday and post-holiday purchases. Their target market, millennials, are already skeptical of “traditional” marketing and sales tactics, so they knew that they needed something that would stand out and intrigue their market.

They chose to use a Zembula experience with an email capture, and it definitely paid off for them! Utilizing our Zip-it experience, they were able to capture a ton of email addresses, and significantly improve their conversion rate.

For this campaign, Alpha sent out en experience in an email to their current email list, supported by display ads and a social media campaign. They also embedded the experience on their homepage as a Slide-In, allowing their visitors to sign up for their email list in exchange for a chance to reveal a discount.

Spoiler alert: Alpha managed to increase their average email signups from 700 to over 16,000 over the course of the week!

If you’d like to see exactly how Alpha did it, and their other results with their campaign, click here to download the case study.

Would you like to start building your own email lists? Contact us here, or check out our pricing!

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