20 of the Best Interactive Marketing Examples

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Interactive content can take so many shapes and sizes in today’s digital world it can be hard to keep it all straight! Not only does interactive content provide 2X more conversions than static content, it’s also as limitless as your imagination. Check out these 20 inspiring interactive marketing examples to get your creative juices flowing for a new campaign that invites audience participation.

MarketWatch’s Swipeable Investment Quiz

marketwatch interactive marketing examples

This quiz from MarketWatch uses a type of interaction that’s on the rise in today’s Tinder Era… the swipe! This quiz, along with other interactive marketing examples, works because it uses a format that we’re all familiar with to invite us to participate.

HubSpot’s Website Grader

Hubspot interactive marketing examples

Ah, HubSpot! Every marketer’s friend and easily a company creating some of the most cutting-edge interactive marketing examples. This quiz grades visitors websites across a variety of categories and offers tips for improving your online strategy.

AT&T’s UFix Online Support Tool

AT&T's interactive marketing examples

The most annoying part of getting your cell service or internet fixed is always dealing with the carrier’s customer service process. In this interactive marketing example, AT&T strove to eliminate that hurdle in customer relations by creating a dynamic help center.

Instapage’s Dynamic Images

Instapage interactive marketing examples

Something as simple as a dynamic image or GIF on your page can improve your ability to capture customer’s attention and create conversions. Instapage did a great job with their streamlined moving images in a blog post.

BBVA’s Jubidreams and Jubigame

Jubi interactive marketing examples

Gamification to increase customer knowledge is big strategy among interactive marketing examples in the banking world. BBVA’s games Jubidreams and Jubigame allowed customers to learn more about saving for their goals through a fun interactive experience.

Snips’ Interactive Guide to AI

Snips interactive marketing examples

A few years ago, when searching for examples of interactive content, infographics were all the rage! Snips proves that more comprehensive interactive guides perform better now, with today’s digitally savvy audiences.

The Guardian’s Interactive Article on Gun Violence

Guardian interactive marketing examples

Despite the hype awhile back about newspapers and magazines going out of business, they’ve managed to adapt to our new interactive world. The Guardian’s article on gun violence demonstrates how interactive maps and clickable elements drive traffic and customer participation.

The New York Times’ Interactive Article “You Draw It”

NYT interactive marketing examples

Even more than just swiping left or right and clicking, customers crave highly developed ways of interacting with their marketing content. In the New York Times “You Draw It” article, and many of their other interactive marketing examples, they adopt an approach that invites to the customer to directly interact by adding data or entering text.

Ion Interactive’s “Symphony of Connected Interactive Content Marketing”

Ion interactive marketing examples

These days, your content must not only be interactive but also omnichannel. Ion Interactive dove into this dichotomy with their lesson on connective interactive marketing that spans across channels.

BBC’s Slidable Maps in an Article on the Middle East

BBC interactive marketing examples

Much like the interactive marketing examples from MarketWatch early, The BBC has repurposed a common touch screen interaction for their content. The slidable maps in this article on the Middle East use the same muscle memory as opening our smart phones or deleting our emails, giving us the motivation to interact.

Adobe’s “Achieving Deliciousness” Educational Article

Adobe interactive marketing examples

Adapting to today’s digitally overloaded world can be difficult. In this interactive marketing example, Adobe breaks down how to respond to content fatigue with a dynamic and intuitive design.

Financial Times Slidable Infographic

FT interactive marketing examples

Another interactive marketing example that utilizes the age-old “slide” is the Financial Times Infographic on Bank CEO Compensation. Allowing the reader to slide through time and compare the changes in compensation over a matter of years with a simple slide really drives the article’s main points home through interaction.

ACT’s Interactive Whitepaper “Creating The Next Developer Workforce”

ACT interactive marketing examples

If anyone appreciates spot-on interactive marketing examples, it’s the developers that make it all possible. This whitepaper on creating the next developer workforce brings interaction to the table to keep the audience engaged and participating.

The New York Times’ “25 Songs That Tell us Where Music is Going”

NYT interactive marketing examples

The New York Times has really set the bar for interactive marketing examples. Their second inclusion on our list explores the future of music through 25 current songs and keeps readers engaged by utilizing interaction of all types through the article.

Gum Gum’s Marketer’s Matching Game

Gum Gum interactive marketing examples

No one knows the importance of visual representation and memory more than marketers! Gum Gum’s quiz, styled after old school memory games of childhood helps encourage marketers to pay closer attention to visual details.

Goldman Sach’s “Millennials: Coming of Age”

Goldman Sachs interactive marketing examples

Goldman Sach’s interactive content example is their attempt to unravel the complicated millennial generation and understand what that means for the investment industry. By adding interaction to their examination of millennial trends in marriage, homeownership and more, they bump up their content’s attention grabbing power!

Zembula’s Interactive Content Page

Zembula's interactive content solution page

Of course a company in the interactive content industry is going to model their website after current interactive marketing standards! Our interactive solutions page allows you to explore all the different types of interactive content we offer!

Vox’s “Today’s Teens Are Better Than You”

Vox interactive marketing examples

With this tongue in cheek interactive marketing example, Vox uses the data to prove that today’s teens smoke less marijuana, complete more schooling and watch less TV than their older counterparts. A slidable timeline allows the reader to pick their year of birth and receive statistics personalized for them.

Interactive Tour of Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights

Bosch interactive marketing examples

This interactive marketing example is being used to promote a documentary currently in the works about Bosch. By allowing visitors to interact with this classic painting in a digital way and learn more about Bosch while doing so, it helps build excitement and anticipation around the release of the documentary.

Five9’s Interactive Call Center Assessment

Five9 interactive marketing examples

Assessments are among one of the most underutilized interactive marketing examples, but this call center assessment from Five9 proves they’re a valuable tool. Assessments allow you to gain data from your recipients while providing value to them in the form of feedback on their marketing strategies.

From quizzes to whitepapers, assessments to games, and everything in between… interactive content boosts engagement and invites audience participation in a way static content can’t compete with. Hopefully, these 20 interactive marketing examples got you inspired to brainstorm your own interactive campaign today. For more inspiration and more interactive content examples, check out our resources page!

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