15 Tools to Create Interactive Content

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The future of content has slowly been pointing more and more towards interactive content. Consumers today are looking for more personalized and memorable experiences.

It’s those brands that have embraced interactive content who have seen more engagement from their consumers, and that engagement often leads to more sales.

So, how do you jump on the interactive content bandwagon?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Here, you’ll find 15 software tools you can use to create interactive content to engage your consumers and build brand loyalty.


Zembula simplifies your email personalization with a single code snippet. We can help you achieve true 1-to-1 personalization. Every email open generates a unique image in real-time that is specific to the individual (with no coding necessary)! Use any or all of your own data sources to deliver hyper-relevant experiences in every moment. Deliver animated loyalty points reminder, flash sale notifications, or real-time location data. The applications are endless!


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Some of the most popular types of interactive content are quizzes. Qzzr is a tool that makes great looking customizable quizzes incredibly easy. Qzzr can be both embedded on your own website and easily shared on social media like Facebook, which can help really drive traffic through social channels.


interactive content tools
SnapApp allows you to make a variety of different types of content from calculators to surveys and even infographics. One big boost you’ll find from SnapApp is that it integrates with tons of other tools like CRM systems and marketing automation software to really make things flow.


Video content has been growing by leaps and bounds the last few years, so it makes sense to want to try to capture the attention of your customers with interactive video content. Using WIREWAX, you can take your videos and make them clickable using “hotspots”, resulting in increased engagement and better click-through rates.


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Think of Guides.co as a SlideShare for interactive guides of sorts. This site allows you to take a standard whitepaper and really kick it up a notch by adding videos, images, and embedded files right into the standard text. This directly gets your readers involved, since they have to click to move forward, and with the ability to comment on each page, you can find out exactly what they are loving.


interactive content tools
When it comes to video and eCommerce stores, WebyClip can be the tool to really skyrocket engagement and interaction. This tool lets you highlight specific products inside a video and then when that product is shown, your customers will be presented with that product and related products. Once your customer clicks the product, they are brought directly to the storefront to buy it.


interactive content tools
Brackets are for more than just March Madness, and it’s one of the more fun ways to get your readers and potential customers really involved. Brackify is a tool that lets you create two types of brackets, one called complete, and another called round by round, which is set with specific start and end dates. Brackify is both set to be shared easily on social media and can also be completed on mobile devices.


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RooJoom is an easy way to take your existing content and transform it into something that is very interactive. Take everything from video to pdfs to images and text and make it far more engaging to your readers by bringing them on a “content journey.” RooJoom designed  their tool with the idea of creating the maximum amount of “stickyness” and it also even lets site visitors create their own content as well.


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ContentTools is a platform that was specifically designed to “help companies generate leads and engage customers through the use of interactive content.” They employ a number of different features for brands to use like a content grader, business assessments, quizzes, and even micro-sites that help collect valuable data.


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With ThingLink, you can actually embed content (like videos, text, and other images) inside another image. This means when your customers are enticed to click on more content within the image, they are brought even more targeted and engaging content. ThingLink is able to turn a simple piece of content like an image into something far more interesting and engaging.


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Visual displays are generally seeing more clicks than just text on websites, so amplify that by creating your own interactive graphics using a tool like Infogr.Am. With Infogr.Am you can create over thirty different types of visually appealing graphics that can be easily embedded and downloaded from your website.


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Mapme is an interactive mapping tool that really lets you take your readers on a journey along a specific story line, news event, or travel trip. Users can follow along with set pins that highlight a starting point on the map and can be given even more information in the form of video, images, gifs, and data along the way.


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Ceros is a content creation platform that can be one stop shopping for marketers who are looking to create all different types of interactive content from infographics to micro-sites and even magazines. Ceros highlights the fact that you don’t need any design skills to make highly engaging and interactive content, they handle all of that for you with their design studio.


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PlayBuzz calls itself a “digital publishing platform” it’s goal is to allow marketers to create content that is optimized for engagement, interaction, and sharing, especially across social media. Its already become hugely popular on social media channels like Facebook. The platform is simple to use, simply choose the format, write (or add) your content or select content from their network, and share.


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If your brand really wants to up the amount of interactive and engaging content you put out there, check out Votion for a really simple solution. Votion offers interactive brackets, polls, and lists, as well as quizzes and this vs that matchups. You can run anything that’s be created on social media and mobile devices, and Votion integrates with a number of other platforms.

There you have it, 15 tools to create interactive content. Start bringing some of these into your marketing mix and there’s little doubt you’ll start seeing an increase in engagement. Which of these are the most compelling to you?

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