Capture more emails with interactive content

Zembula helps you grow your email list with an interactive Slide-in that captures more attention than and outperforms your static forms.


Put your old email captures to rest

Zembula can help you revolutionize the way you collect email address with an interactive experience. Backed by psychology, these interactive lead captures are proven to drive more engagement. Need proof? Check out this case study. Alpha Industries was able to increase their email list size and also their revenue with a Zembula promotion.


A better lead capture in minutes

Our platform is the easiest place to create and manage interactive content for email.

All you have to do is:

  1. Design and create your experience.
  2. Link your lead capture to your CRM.
  3. Copy and paste some pre-generated code into the webpages that you want your Slide-in to appear.
  4. Track your success in our analytics dashboard and watch your emails roll in!

It’s not just for discounts

If discounts aren’t your thing or you are looking to branch out, we have a campaign for you. Check out the examples below and click on each one to engage with the experience.



Product Releases

Plus more!

We’d love to help you brainstorm some ideas for your interactive email campaign.

Create a bulletproof experience from end to end

Zembula experiences work on all websites and in all browsers. From mobile to desktop, Chrome to Safari, we got you.

When we use Zembula consistently, our members know what they’re expected to do and engagement increases – and this is not necessarily an offer/discount every time.

Jessica Barry, Marketing Assistant & Social Media Manager

Join innovative marketers like Jessica and add interactive content to you email marketing.

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