No more boring exit intent pop-ups

Zembula’s exit intent overlay is like nothing you have ever seen before. Entertaining, interactive content paired with powerful marketing psychology will make it impossible for your abandoning visitors to not convert.


Here’s what’s different about ours

70% of your visitors leave and never come back. You need something to catch their attention and drive their interest. Interactive content can help you do just that and boost your revenue at the same time – Up to 40%!

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Match feature sets

Save time
Create in 5 minutes
Tailored Experience
Tailor experience
Control deployment from the platform
Zappy connection

Integrates with anything
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Don’t bug IT
Paste the code one time for all campaigns
Deeper personalization
Target specific audiences with relevant content
Works on all sites, browsers and devices

Surprise them with new content every time

Rotate your offers each time the same visitor lands on your page. This way they will be surprised and delighted instead of annoyed with the same message time and time again. We make it easy to add variety to your exit-intent overlay. It can all be controlled in the platform.

Try these types of experiences.



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Plus more!

We’d love to help you brainstorm some ideas for your interactive email campaign.

Create a bulletproof experience from end to end

Zembula experiences work on all websites and in all browsers. From mobile to desktop, Chrome to Safari, we got you.

We also integrate with anything and everything. We even have easy to set up integrations with the most popular stuff. With just a few clicks you can set up automatic sending to your database.

When we use Zembula consistently, our members know what they’re expected to do and engagement increases – and this is not necessarily an offer/discount every time.

Jessica Barry, Marketing Assistant & Social Media Manager

Join innovative marketers like Jessica and add interactive content to you email marketing.

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