Increase your email click through rate by 12x with interactive experiences in email.

When used in email, Zembula helps you create interactive experiences that get you more clicks on your emails and more action on your offers.


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Never send a boring email again

Zembula experiences give your emails the sparkle they need to stand out in the inbox. Backed by psychology, these bite-sized pieces of content are proven to drive more interaction. Need proof?

Need/Want was able to increase their CTR and also their revenue with a Zembula promotion.


Here is how it works

1. A recipient opens your email and sees a static image or GIF of your experience.

2. The recipient clicks on your email and is taken to your website where an overlay pops up.

3. The recipient interacts with your experience and is taken to a destination or the experience closes.

Features you expect, plus more!


Save time

Create in 5 minutes

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Don’t bug IT

Paste the code one time for all campaigns



Works on all sites, browsers and devices


Become a better marketer

Learn from campaigns with analytics

Tailored Experience

Be in control

Set rules and triggers, personalize


Integrate with a few clicks

Set up integrations without product key

It’s not just for discounts

If discounts aren’t your thing or you are looking to branch out, we have a campaign for you. Check out the examples below and click on each one to engage with the experience.



Product Releases

Plus more!

We’d love to help you brainstorm some ideas for your interactive email campaign.

Create a bulletproof experience from end to end

Zembula experiences work with all ESPs and within all email clients. We are able to do this because our code generates a linked GIF or image in your email. Once a recipient clicks on that image or GIF, they are taken to your experience, either on your own site, or one of our microsites. We recommend your own site. This way you get the all the traffic and are able to cookie each viewer!

When we use Zembula consistently, our members know what they’re expected to do and engagement increases – and this is not necessarily an offer/discount every time.

Jessica Barry, Marketing Assistant & Social Media Manager

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