Make All Of Your Impressions Memorable

Are your triggered messages dull and boring? Zembula’s platform allows you to craft fun and engaging messaging your customers are sure to remember.


The Challenge: Transactional Messaging

Transactional messages have some of the highest open rates, yet have a tendency to be static, cookie-cutter, and forgettable. How can you take advantage of this opportunity to create an authentic connection with your customers? How do you make sure your content is engaging each time your customer opens a triggered message?

The Solution: Interactive Content

Interactive content is the perfect way to take your transactional emails to the next level.

The Zembula platform allows you to effortlessly create interactive content that can be integrated into every type of transactional messaging.

With the Zembula platform you can:

Build on your existing marketing channels to make them more engaging.
Invite your customers to continue participating with your brand.
Integrate interactive content into each communication to stay top-of-mind.
Add an element of fun and surprise to your triggered messages.
Condition your audience to consistently open and read your communications.
Optimize every touchpoint with an opportunity for action.

Zembula for Transactional Messaging

Transactional Messaging with Interactive Content

The Zembula platform makes it easy to create interactive content that makes triggered communications more engaging.

Finally, transactional messaging that’s fun.

Ready To Get Interactive?