Increase your subscriptions and sign ups with interactive content

Use an interactive slide-in to collect more email address and ramp up your subscriptions.

Catch the eye, and information, of more visitors

With Zembula you can have an interactive slide-in email capture in minutes. Create a list of premium, highly-engaged users that are more likely to buy.


What’s different about Zembula email capture?

You will get more sign-ups than ever before.

Our experiences are interactive! They stand out, but aren’t obnoxious like pop-ups. Our slide-in feature ensures that you aren’t easily ignored like all those other static email captures. In fact, our clients report an average 22x increase in their email sign-ups. Plus it works on all websites!

email acquisition

Your list will be higher quality and more likely to buy.

Tired of only getting dead email addresses on your site? With interactivity you capture only those that have already interacted with your brand beyond just a click. This makes them more likely to fork over their contact info and become a paying subscriber. By letting visitors take action with your marketing, they become more invested and loyal to your brand.

Zembula experiences are powered by psychology.

You can use the strong forces of curiosity and the fear of missing out to grow your email lists with no extra effort.

Our slide-ins are just better

Why? Well with them you can:

  • Save time. They only take minutes to create
  • Be confident. They work on all websites and in all browsers
  • Get up to 4x the engagement of static forms
  • Better qualify your sign-ups
  • Give your web property a fresh new vibe!

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