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The Zembula platform makes it easy to build, track and implement fun interactive experiences that engage and convert your audience better than static content.

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Easily create engaging experiences

The Zembula platform features a WYSIWYG experience builder so marketers can easily create highly-engaging, interactive experiences with no coding necessary. Choose the type of experience you’d like to create (Scratch-it, Peel, Slide, etc) and then upload your creative assets.

Every aspect of the interactive experience can be customized including the cover & reveal images, call-to-action, background, header, and more. You can even add an email capture to build your list or a barcode and terms & conditions for in-store redemptions or contests.

An experience for every campaign

Our ever-growing library of interactive experiences gives you a variety of content to continually delight your audience.


Embed Anywhere

Zembula experiences work in three main ways. You can point to them via email using your existing ESP to send out a linked gif or image. You can embed them within any self-hosted web page. And you can also deploy them on any self hosted web page as an overlay.

The Zembula platform features a Snippets builder which creates blocks of code with a permalink that can be attached to and display any experience. This allows marketers to place the code just once and then the experience can easily be switched out in the Zembula platform. No need to bother your developer.

When placed within an email, Snippets pass-through data parameters unique to your ESP and also dynamically update the experience image when it is changed or expired in the platform.

Snippets can be inline embedded within webpages, mobile apps as well as used as an overlay. Using the Zembula API, the reveal experience can be customized further, giving you, the marketer, maximum control.

Make email fun again

Interactivity is the perfect addition to your email marketing campaigns and the Zembula platform makes it incredibly easy to add with our dynamic email builder.

The email builder provides pre-made, responsive email templates that you can quickly customize and then add in your interactive experience. Export the code to your email service provider (ESP) and create an email campaign that stands out in your fans’ inbox.

Stand Out Anywhere You Want

Zembula experiences can be implemented anywhere you need as part of your digital marketing strategy. Get undivided attention with an interstitial, make your pop-ups engaging with an overlay, or directly add interactivity to your site with an embed.


Socialize your content

Want to bring interactive experiences to Facebook too? We got you. Our Facebook post builder lets you build an optimized link/image post right within our platform to ensure it will look perfect on the web or mobile. Publish it immediately or schedule it to go out in conjunction with a larger social campaign.

Data to drool for

The analytics dashboard is where you can see the total picture from the beginning when a customer lands on the experience page, starts and finishes interacting, and when the customer redeems your offer.

Our platform tracks all visitor actions including dwell rate, or how long your customers stay on the page. The longer you keep your customers engaged with interactive content, the more brand recognition you gain, the more loyalty you earn, and more valuable your customers become.


Insight that excites

The best part of our analytics dashboard isn’t just the great numbers, it’s the
learnings you can glean from your audience. We designed our analytics to give you the data you need to make better informed decisions and build smarter campaigns. Collect behavioral and demographic data about your users to further segment and target your audience.

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