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Make the Most of Every Touchpoint With Personalization

SMS has nearly an 100% read rate. Are you doing everything you can to capitalize on this?

Pack More Punch With Every Message

Stack links to maximize chances to engage!

  • Create story-like messages that pack more punch than your average SMS.
  • Include multiple images and calls-to-action.

Use Personalized, Animated SMS for All Your Best Performing Campaigns!

Abandoned Cart

Shipment Tracking

Yoga Brand


Welcome Series

Explore Brand

Experience it for yourself!

Send Yourself an personalized and Animated SMS.

Do Something Different

Improving your customer experience is directly tied to higher customer lifetime value. Investing in your entire marketing ecosystem, including SMS, will improve marketing performance overall.

Zembula is the first and only platform that allows you to create personalized and animated SMS messages with your own data.

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