Improve Your Email CTR With an Interactive Discount

Make your email fun again by building a Zembula experience that captures attention and demands action.


How to get started

Design an email template for your experience

Design a new email template or use one that you already have. You can do this in your ESP or in our email builder. A linked GIF or image that directs to your slide-in experience will live in your email template.

Keep in mind that Zembula experiences are composed of three main elements – the cover image, the reveal image, and the CTA. Each item needs to be designed with tension and reveal marketing psychology in mind. Create an email template that will work with these elements.

Email Mockup -Red-05

Design your experience

Build your experience

Login to your Zembula account and use our WYSIWYG editor to drag and drop your experience assets to their corresponding locations.

You can customize nearly every element of your experience including background color (in case you want to use a link and an interstitial page), CTA color, and more.

Create a Snippet in our Snippet’s Dashboard

Click “Create Snippet” and then select your new experience. This generates ready to use code, or a Snippet, that allows you to embed the live experience on your site, insert a linked GIF or image into email, or deploy an overlay depending on which option you select.

Embed your Snippet

To make the experience appear on our landing page as a slide-in, all we have to do is copy and paste the Snippet into the site’s code.

We also need to embed our Snippet in the email template that we designed earlier. Just copy and paste the code to make the linked image or GIF to appear.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to mess with the code or bother your developers again. You can update, expire, or swap your experience right from the Snippet’s dashboard.

Now when you send the email to your list, and they click on your linked GIF or image, they will be sent to your interactive offer!

Track your results

Embedding the experience on your site allows you to keep all your traffic and collect it in your own analytics system. We also track your campaign performance. Our analytics dashboard will give you deeper insights into your experience’s performance including: interactions, completions, and time spent interacting.

This way you can really dig down into what works for your audience and what doesn’t. You can test quickly and effectively with our insights that make you a smarter marketer.


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