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Capture more premium quality leads on your website.

Zembula’s interactive email capture is the best choice when it comes to finding the perfect lead magnet for your business. It’s customer acquisition for your website made easy!

Zembula gets you more leads that are likely to buy.

What if every lead you captured was engaged? Well that is essentially what you will have when you use one of our email captures on your website. Every person that signs up must interact with your marketing first. The end result is a list of better buyers!

What’s different about the Zembula email capture?

You will get more email addresses than ever before.

Our experiences are interactive! They stand out, but aren’t obnoxious like pop-ups. Our Slide-in feature ensures that you aren’t easily ignored like all those other static email captures. In fact, our clients report an average 22x increase in their email sign-ups. Plus it works on all websites!

You don’t need to offer a discount to grow your list.

Tired of only getting emails when you offer a discount? Try the power of exclusivity instead. Zembula experiences add a little mystery to your marketing and set you up to create an exclusive group of sign-ups that just want to be the first to know more about your brand.

It is not just a gimmick.

Zembula experiences are powered by psychology and have proven their effectiveness over time. You can use the strong forces of curiosity and the fear of missing out to grow your email list with no extra effort.

The stuff they tell their friends about.

With social sharing buttons virality is in your reach. Once a visitor completes the experience and enters an email, they have the option to share on their social profiles.


Never serve stale content.

You can go beyond the newsletter sign up. Push the boundaries with a surprise sale, or a product release. The possibilities are literally endless when you add a little creativity.

Seamlessly integrate with anything.

If you’ve got it, we work with it. Our customer acquisition feature sends email address directly to your CRM. No worries there. Our Slide-ins are also fully customizable. From the design to the deployment you have total control and it will look totally on brand.

Sit back and relax. We have got it under control.

We would love to take your campaign from start to finish. Our excellent customer success team can handle it all from strategy, to design, and finally to implementation. If you’d like to go at it alone, or just need less help, we can create a custom package for you too.

Services we offer:

  • StrategyWe would love to help you come up with your very own interactive content marketing strategy. We can help you brainstorm creative ways to use Zembula to reach your goals.
  • Implementation:  Zembula already works on all websites and integrates with all CRMs, so you won’t have to worry about anything not working. However, if you want help with setting up the integration, linking your CRM, placing your experience on your site, or implementation, we can help with that!
  • Design: Our team of design experts is on hand to create a one of a kind interactive campaign for you.

The Zembula team was really hands on with creating our campaign. They helped from start to finish and it was a great success!

-Parul Maheshwari / E-Commerce & Digital Marketing Manager / Alpha Industries

Start a conversation with Zembula and see what’s right for you.