Zembula Video is Here!

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We thought it was time for something new around here so: introducing Zembula Video!

You’re probably already familiar with Zembula’s overlay, embedded, and Slide-In experiences, but did you know that we just released a new video functionality? Now, you can utilize a video experience anywhere you can put code, and load any Youtube video you’d like with our new Video experiences! Best of all, these experiences load as an overlay on your own website, directing traffic exactly where you want them to be.

You can also combine video with any other part of Zembula experiences, like forms. You can customize every part of the interaction, down to exactly when you want the CTA to show!  

Video has been shown to capture more attention, particularly in email where it has been proven to increase email click-through rate by 200-300% and drive higher engagement.  Stop sending all that traffic to a third party site. Collect all your traffic, cookie your users, and continue the engagement post-video! With Zembula’s newest video integration, we make it easy to put videos anywhere you want them. Just grab the embed code from Youtube, drop it into the editor, and you’re on your way!

Have you started using video on your website yet?

If haven’t and you’d like to, click here to chat with one of our specialists. We’re happy to help!

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