Your best email marketing strategy for 2019 (and beyond!)

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When it comes to creating a marketing strategy, email is one place you don’t want to ignore.

Think about it. Developing plans and strategies for all other facets of your business are important, and your email marketing strategy should be right up there with all the rest.

While email marketing, in general, might seem like a set it and forget it type of system, not paying attention to what’s happening in 2019 can leave you missing out on vital tips and strategies that can help improve your open, click through, and conversion rates.

In this post, we’re going to help you develop a few key strategies that can get your email marketing campaigns up to snuff.

Use interactivity in your emails

Using interactive content in your email marketing campaigns is one way to start to stand out from the pack.

In a world of ‘content shock’ — where people are overwhelmed by the sheer number of emails in their inbox every day — it’s easier than ever to click archive instead of open.

Unless you do something to make your emails exciting.

Interactive content is one way to do that.

Here’s one example that is really enticing.

This email is an excellent example of interactive content.

It’s an actual game; after all, you can’t get more interactive than that!

So, right from the jump anyone who gets an email like this in their inbox will be primed to click. The email itself is visual; the movements and graphics are going to grab you right from the start.

And then, it’s all about clicking.

Once the reader clicks start, they are brought into a choose your own adventure type of game that will bring them through a couple of options or scenarios.

Getting an email like this one can make a big impact in an inbox and help build excitement for your brand, which can help get more clicks in the future.

Embrace authenticity

Consumers today really want authentic content.

Part of that means people want brands to treat them like a real person, not just customer number 2,918. It also means consumers want a little bit of personality from the corporations they deal with too.

If that sounds daunting, don’t get too worried. There are a few easy ways you can start introducing an authentic voice in your brand and emails.

One of the best ways to do that is with storytelling.

A lot of brands are embracing this to good results. Use storytelling to share more about your brand’s history, the life of your founders, and even a day in the life of a product or the people in the office.

Craft some stories that you can build an email campaign around. And pull in some interactive features to really make it pop.

When a company feels more human, people are far more likely to connect, so use that to your advantage.

Try gamifiying things

Gamification is a popular trend today.

You can see it everything from emails to apps. For example, one popular fitness app has users run away from zombies to gain points and reach new levels.

For a lot of people, that makes your conventional jog a lot more fun.

Let’s take a look at an example from email marketing like this one.

Zillow has used gamification to highlight part of a reward system. The reviews agents get on site are tracked and then when they hit certain milestones — like the 50 reviews you can see in this email — they get a trophy.

An email like this, as simple as it seems, can work wonders. The gamification aspect can motivate agents to hit that next milestone, and they can feel proud of the progress they’ve already seen.

It’s a great little pick me up that can work wonders.

And, you’ll be sure to bet that the next milestone email that goes out agents will be very excited to click and see what their next trophy is.

That’s a win win!

Final thoughts

So you can see just how important it is to have a dedicated strategy to your email marketing in 2019. Combining the use of interactive content and gamification with an authentic brand voice can go a long way towards improving your email stats and reaching more of your readers.