Why This Year’s Marketing Plan Should Include Real-Time Reviews In Email

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The start of the year is an essential time for any marketing department. It’s the time when you look at what’s worked over the last few years and what needs some re-adjustment for the future. 

A key part of a marketing strategy has to be your approach to email. Email is still a vital revenue-generating channel for most companies, so you need to really capitalize on it.

The other part of email marketing is ensuring you stand out from the competition. How do you do it? By giving your readers and customers what they want, personalized content with real-time information. 

One way to capitalize on that need — while boosting your opportunities to convert — is by using real-time reviews in your emails. 

Here’s why.

Customers trust reviews

The fact of the matter is many customers aren’t going to trust you at the start, not until they build a relationship with you. So, even if you have the perfect product or service for their needs, potential customers want to get authentic feedback from others, not you.

Research has shown that people are more likely to trust the opinions of people they don’t know over brands on a product or service. Consumers also tend to be more receptive to buying when they get reviews, ratings, and testimonials throughout the sales funnel. 

And, customers pay close attention to recent reviews. They value a review that’s a few days old over one that’s from a few months ago. So having real-time reviews means your customers will have a constant stream of the latest updates. That’s something that can make a big positive impact on your potential customers.

There are plenty of ways you can showcase your reviews, ratings, and testimonials, including:

User-generated content (UGC)

UGC is content that’s created by people outside your company. It comes in many forms; from as simple as leaving a 5-star review on a product on your online store to tweeting testimonials or creating a TikTok about your product. 

You can insert any of these in your emails, including as live-image content blocks, as a way to help boost that authentic trust level with your readers.

Featured product reviews

Another approach is to tie reviews, ratings, and testimonials to specific products. Have something you want to fly off the shelves this year? Then use customer reviews about that product in your emails.

Now, tie that in with live-images and you can have reviews update in real-time. Get a new verified review for a featured product? Then put that snippet into your content block, and when your reader opens their email, it automatically refreshes.

Tie into loyalty programs

Your loyalty or rewards program is another place that is ripe for real-time reviews, too. Adding reviews to loyalty emails is just another way to highlight them and have another way to personalize content.

Remember, your most loyal customers will often buy more often and spend more on their purchases. So, anytime you can encourage them to click on the products that interest them, that’s a good thing.

Insert in any email

The great thing about getting a review from a customer is you can then use it in any of your emails. Having review-focused content blocks makes that really easy. 

Zembula hospitality reviews email mock up
  •  Add the latest reviews for popular products at the bottom of your weekly newsletter.
  • Have real-time reviews that tie into announcements for new product releases or product-specific sales. 
  • Use reviews to your member’s loyalty emails to showcase new products or services they can purchase at their tier.

With this approach, you can give your highly reviewed products and services a lot more visibility, and that can lead to higher levels of conversions.

Sounds like a win-win, right?

Don’t sleep on real-time reviews 

However, you want to approach adding real-time reviews to your emails, know that you have plenty of options. 

The more ways you have to showcase your best products and services, the better the chances you’ll be able to convert.

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