Why everyone should be using personalized email marketing

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As 2020 comes around, there’s one crucial thing for marketers to remember, personalization in email marketing isn’t going anywhere. 

So, that means, if you haven’t yet jumped on personalization as a strategy, right now is the best time to start. 

Honestly, it’s time to start right now.

In the coming years, personalization is only going to continue to be more critical. Personalization isn’t a trend or something that’s going to fade over time. 

It’s here to stay. So, you need to be using personalized email marketing; here are a few reasons why. 

The numbers prove it

Are you someone who needs data to back up anything you want to try when it comes to marketing?

Well, we’ve got plenty of stats about how much of an impact personalization in email marketing can make. 

As you can see in this post, the data proves that personalizing email is something that customers want. Plus, creating customized campaigns also help improve your metrics. 

And let’s face it; who doesn’t want better numbers when it comes to open and click-through rates?

Even small lifts of just a percent or two in getting new purchases, recapturing customers who have abandoned their cart, and getting them to come back and buy a recommended product, can translate into real improvements to your bottom line. 

Reach new customers

Another benefit of getting personal with email is you can reach (and create) new customers. 

It’s not often that someone on your email list is going to be ready to buy on the first contact. While it’s nice, it’s not something you should expect. 

Because of that, you’ll typically need a few emails in your campaign to get your potential customers to start purchasing your goods and services. Personalized emails are a great way to do that. 

You can take a very simple approach, just like this:

With this email example, you’re showing off personalization in the form of geolocation. Even if your reader has never bought anything from you before, you’re enticing them with this email to go to their local shop and try something out. 

Create better content

With the huge number of emails people get today, often dozens a day, it takes something special for your email to stand out. 

Readers and consumers are savvy, so you need something that is going to make the people on your list want to read them. That means you need better content. 

What might have worked just a few years ago won’t do. Personalization can help you create better content for your readers. Content that interests, engages, and educates them is already what you want, now add in some personalized functionality, and you’re going to really go to the next level. 

Here’s another example:

Everyone loves emails that speak directly to them. And what better way to do that than to include personalized information. 

With something like this email, your typically happy birthday note gets a very nice facelift. 

You can personalize for a birthday or anniversary, for example, to start. And from there, kick it up a notch. 

You can add in a great discount or coupon plus a VIP or loyalty benefit, all based on the individualized data you have on your customers. Then tap into geolocation, add in an example of a nearby store, or even the weather. 

Content doesn’t have to end there either. You can even improve really simple (and traditionally boring) emails like package tracking with personalized recommendations for related products or services. 

All of these improvements can really matter over the long haul. That’s especially true as one of your biggest goals as a marketer is to build up trust and loyalty with your consumers. There are few better ways to do that than giving them the information they want, and that matter specifically to them, right to their inbox. 

Start personalizing now

If you haven’t begun creating campaigns that utilize personalized information in your emails, it’s not quite time to panic…yet. 

But the fact of the matter is, you need to start exploring this option sooner rather than later. Personalization isn’t just a cool trend; it’s something that is the future. 

As technology, including AI and automation, continues to advance, being able to combine that with the behavioral data of your customers is going to be a golden ticket to appeal to the customers of the future. 

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