Why email notification headers are your brand’s missing x-factor

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Wouldn’t you love a way to give your customers the information that’s most important to them, regardless of what email their reading?

Sounds like a dream, right? You can send out a newsletter and let your customers know they have items in their cart. Or you can have a welcome email that also highlights shipping information.

The ability to include multiple pieces of information in one email isn’t a pipe dream. With notification bars, it’s a reality.

And with notification bars, your brand can do all sorts of cool stuff that gives your customers critical up to date information and keeps you top of mind.

Here’s how.

Level up your customer experience

All too often brands think about the message they want to send and now how that message is received. No matter how amazing your product or service might be, if your customer is struggling through a bad experience to get information about it, they are going to move on to your competitors.

Notification bars can help you avoid that.

Giving your readers the information they want and need can go a long way toward building an excellent customer experience, which matters more than ever for consumers today.

Plus, happy customers who are given a simple and easy way to click for more information can also help you get more conversions. That’s a good win-win situation for both you and them.

Let’s take a look at a few ways you can put a notification bar to good use in your own email campaigns.

Real-time information all the time

One way your brand can stand out from the crowd is to give your customers real-time information in every email. And what’s even better is you can have these emails update at the moment of open too. So, every time your customer opens their email, five minutes after you sent it or five days later, they will get real-time information from that notification bar.

With notification bars, you can give your customers updated information for your abandoned cart, shipping notification, and loyalty reward update campaigns.

Check out the example below.

In this case, a standard every day newsletter can be transformed into an abandoned cart reminder email.

Having the bright notification bar sitting right at the top of the email daws the eye. Plus, it’s giving the reader real-time, moment-of-open information. If the customer goes in and completes the purchase, the notification bar will update.

Another huge benefit of these types of motivation bars is they are another way to personalize your customer’s emails. As you know by now, consumers want the emails they get from brands to be targeted and personalized to their specific needs and interests.

Here’s another example of how you can use a notification bar in a different way.

In this email, which is a product recommendation email, you can see the notification bar is being used as a way to update the customer on shipping.

Even though your standard shipping confirmation and update emails are usually among the most opened email you can send, using a notification bar has its benefits.

The big one, again, is the real-time tracking information. When it comes to shipping, your customers want to know where their stuff is and they want an easy way to track it. Giving them that information, especially where they know all they have to do is open the email to get updates helps them and you.

They get the information they need whenever they want it and you benefit from not having to answer tons of where is my stuff calls, which can end up swamping your customer service team.

Stand out from the crowd

Today, the inbox is crowded. You need to do everything you can to make your brand rise above the competition. One way to do that is to give your customers personalized up to date, real-time information in every email. Including a notification bar is just one approach you can take to start doing that.

Make it easy for them to track their packages, buy the stuff they’ve left in their cart, and get points updates right from their inbox. They’ll love you for going the extra mile.

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