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Zembula has always, since our founding, been the home of dynamic interactive content. We created the very first digital scratch off, and since then have expanded our product offerings to include not only our Scratch-It, but Zip-It, Pull-It, and even Puzzle-It! This spring, however, we are expanding our product offerings once again, this time in a direction that encompasses all we’ve done before and expands it into another part of the market. Why now? We believe the time is right for Zembula to bring email personalization to life in a less complicated (and less expensive) way. We’re extremely excited to be launching several new products aimed at making real-time email personalization accessible at the lowest price point ever. Because it’s what we do!

Email personalization isn’t a new concept. It’s been an accepted market fact for a while now, but unfortunately it was expensive, difficult to implement, and available only to those few who had the resources to make it work on a small scale. Zembula has always been about simplifying marketer’s jobs, and our move into the personalization space is no exception. With Zembula’s new suite of personalization tools, we’re aiming to make real-time email personalization affordable, at scale, for every email send, with an easy-to-use interface that won’t disrupt your workflows. Using your own data, you can send emails with up to the second weather or location, update your customers on their loyalty points, let them track a package inside of just 1 email, and more. The best part? It’s finally affordable at scale! 

We know you love our reveal experiences, and so do we. Don’t worry, they’re not going anywhere! Interactive content will always be our first love, and we will always be dedicated to bringing the best of it to you in new and meaningful ways. With your Zembula subscription, you get both our entire suite of reveal experiences we’ve spent years perfecting, and our newest personalization offerings as they’re released. What could be better? 

If you’re as excited as we are about these new product offerings, why not chat with us about how you can implement them in your own email marketing?

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