Want More From Your Email Marketing? Start Incorporating Personalized Ratings and Reviews

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By now, you’ve probably come to the conclusion that email service providers are pretty bad at making it easy for marketers to include ratings and reviews.

It shouldn’t be an email marketer’s job to have to create HTML templates and test them for different browsers. Who has the time for that?

If only it could be easy to add ratings and reviews to emails. If only email service providers could do more to soothe such a consistent pain.

Well, Zembula has solved the problem. Now, not only can you easily add ratings and reviews, but you can personalize them. You can do it all with drag-and-drop modular content blocks built and updated using a single snippet of code.

Zembula Platform Ratings and Reviews

Are you using SocketLabs to send your emails? If so, integration with Zembula is simple.

Personalization = Next Level Email

Zembula lets you create email images that contain deep personalization. That means that you can use the data you’ve collected to create personalized email images for each user without segmenting your list. So you’ve got opportunities to include personalized product highlights that include user-generated content like ratings and reviews.

Zembula Ratings and Reviews example

Research shows that by talking to each customer as an individual, you can increase transactions by six times!

Ratings and reviews, cart abandonment notifications, tracking information, loyalty program points, location data, behavioral data – you name it, and with Zembula you can personalize it and update it as much as you’d like.

Get Started With Zembula to Matter More

You could be adding the ratings and reviews that you know are going to drive transactions, and you could be doing it starting with the next email blast that you send. Integration is free and supported. We’ll guide you through the process of plugging Zembula into your approach with SocketLabs.

SocketLabs esp

Building your emails won’t be anymore involved than it is now. In fact, if you want to include user-generated content (and you should!), it will be much easier.

Transform your email marketing. It’s pain free. It’s simple. And it’s fast.

Contact Zembula to learn how to get started.

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