Understanding the Importance of Email Personalization and Its Power to Transform Your Business

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People love to be seen, heard, and understood. Your customers are no exception. That, in a nutshell, is why email personalization is so important and effective.

If you can engage your customers and show them that you care about them as individuals, you’re much more likely to win their repeat business.

But there’s no faking it. You really need to demonstrate that you understand each customer as an individual.

Fortunately, Zembula makes that part of the job much easier than you might realize. With Zembula, you can harness the data you’re already collecting and use it to much greater effect, creating a deep personalization experience that goes beyond just addressing them by name.

With personalized emails, you can give your customers not only what they want but what they need. And when you focus on interacting with your customers — by asking them for their opinions – you can develop the trust that will have a long-term and ongoing payoff for your company.

Customer Wants

Making the buying process easy for your customers is one way to let them know that you value their business. And the best way to do that is to show them what they’re interested in without making them hunt for it.

Personalized emails can reference the past purchases of a customer. From there, you can provide notices through a Zembula Smart Banner™ on sales events for repeat purchases or on additional products that could be used to enhance their current purchase.

You can also use data from time spent browsing or from abandoned cart items to notify customers when those items are discounted, showing the customers that you understand they might have just wanted to wait for the right time to click that buy button.

Customer Needs

Show your customers that you value their time as much as their business. Tend to their needs.

Once a sale is complete, personalized transaction emails with tracking information can provide up-to-the-moment information on a package’s location. Customers will appreciate having this information at their fingertips rather than having to click through a carrier’s tracking database. This is an example of how email personalization addresses a customer’s needs.

And just because an item goes on sale is not always reason enough for a customer to purchase. User reviews of products personalized to your customers give them easy access to timely information for the products they’ve identified as important to them.

Reminders on loyalty points or rewards status help a customer know if they qualify for a discount or perk.

Smart Banner Loyalty star banner

Customer Opinions

As we said at the outset, people want to be heard and recognized. So ask them for their opinions and feedback. Showing them that you’re interested in what they have to say is another key way of building trust, which in turn leads to brand loyalty. Plus, when they tell you what they think and want, you can use that information to further personalize your messaging to them. You can’t get much closer to closing a sale than that.

Zembula’s Smart Blocks™ make it easy to create personalized emails that can include polls on customer interests. It creates an interactive experience and gives you more data to use for personalization.

By soliciting your customers’ opinions, you show them that you’re different and that you’re listening to them. That’s deep personalization.

Personalized Emails Lead To More Sales

People make decisions based on emotions. So the more positive feelings and connections you can make with a customer, the more likely you are to influence a sale. That’s why personalized email is the key to sales and customer loyalty.

Invest in the long game. Deep personalization and loyalty development take time. But the payoff will ultimately be tremendous.

Set yourself apart by showing your customers that you think of them as individuals. Send personalized emails that address their wants and needs and ask for their opinions.

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