Three ways to get more out of your email marketing in 2023

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Email is one of the most powerful tools for ROI you have at your disposal. That’s not going anywhere. In fact, in 2023, email may be even more critical for your success. 


It is the best way to connect with your customers and drive engagement. And to do that, you need to tap into personalization, especially performative personalization, which can help you make data-driven decisions. 

Here’s a look at a few ways you can use personalization to drive more revenue from email in 2023.

Use personalized animation strategically

Doing anything for the sake of it isn’t exactly a winning email strategy. That goes for personalization and animation. You want to include personalized animation in your email and SMS campaigns when you know it boosts action — not just because it’s an option or looks cool. 

Instead, look for opportunities to use personalized animation in a way that benefits your customers and subscribers. 

A great example is featuring rotating product images in Smart Banners™. Another is using a Smart Banner™ to highlight customer personas. In both examples, you’re strategically using animation to educate readers and connect with them. 

And, let’s be honest, you don’t have a lot of space or time in emails to capture your reader’s attention. That’s where a Smart Banner™ provides such a competitive advantage. 

With these banners, you can pack a lot of valuable information into a small piece of real estate. And using personalized animation means you can optimize your emails in a truly unique way that helps you stand out.

Focus on calls to action that drive revenue

At the end of the day, a primary goal for marketers is to get readers to click and convert from email. But are you formatting your emails in a way that makes it possible?

One surprising piece of research we discovered over the course of 2022 is how message placement impacts revenue. 

revenue driving actions in email marketing

Here’s a perfect example. Both these emails use a Smart Banner™ call to action at the top. But the content matters. 

The banner with a primary revenue-generating message like cart abandonment shows a 10-17% increase in revenue. However, the banner with the loyalty program update over the promotional message produces a 5-7% negative revenue impact.

That’s because the loyalty banner is taking eyes away from the sale messaging in the promotion email. 

So when you have a promo or any other revenue-generating call to action, keep that messaging at the top of the email or with a Smart Banner™. Then use a Smart Block™ to showcase secondary calls to action, like loyalty data, below it.

Don’t sleep on user-generated ratings and reviews

Never underestimate the power of highlighting user-generated ratings and reviews. These can help you connect with your readers and turn them into customers. 

Data shows how consumers respond to ratings and reviews, so show them off. 

We’ve found that adding ratings and reviews, from stars to quick bites of copy, to abandoned cart and browse, product recommendations, and inventory update Smart Banners™ can help drive engagement.

Customers abandon carts for many reasons, but using social proof is a way to help capture their attention and learn more about the product. It may only take a slight nudge from a five-star rating or positive review to get a prospective customer back to their cart and buy.

So if you’re collecting this information from your customers, use it. Add it to your Smart Banners™ and Smart Blocks™ to help encourage readers to click. 

Make more revenue with personalization

Do you want to go deeper and see how you can get more from your email marketing strategy in 2023? 

If so, check out our latest webinar: Hit Your 2023 Revenue Goals: 5 Lessons Our Customers Taught Us in 2022 About Personalization. In it, you’ll learn key findings about the best ways to deploy personalization in your email marketing for the coming year. 

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