The Keys To Taking Your Emails to the Next Level? Ratings and Reviews!

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It’s time to stop the scattershot approach to email. You should be sending precise, targeted emails that are nearly impossible for consumers to ignore.

How do you do it? With user-generated content, and more specifically with personalized ratings and reviews.

You probably already know that. The problem, of course, has always been how to do it easily. You know, without having to create HTML templates and then test them for each different browser.

You’re in luck. Zembula provides a simple solution. You can have the power to not just add ratings and reviews easily but to personalize them. You can do it all with drag-and-drop modular content blocks built using a single snippet of code.

And you can do it seamlessly with the Sailthru solution you’re already employing.

Rise to the Top of Consumer’s Minds With Personalized Ratings and Reviews

Nowadays, it’s all about that user-generated content. Consumers use it – many of them exclusively – to make purchasing decisions. If you’re not including it, you don’t stand much of a chance of keeping up.

But it’s not just any user-generated content. The key is to be relevant to each individual. You do that by personalizing your messages, so that you’re only sending what’s important to each person.

Zembula Platform Ratings and Reviews

With Zembula, it’s all so simple. You can include those precious personalized ratings and reviews, and you can do it without having to take up your entire day.

Zembula lets you create email images that contain the data you’re already collecting. You’ll plug those images into your email, and all without having to edit the code.

And it’s not just ratings and reviews that you can personalize. You can use Zembula to better utilize all of your data. You can easily send personalized messages about tracking information, cart abandonment notifications, rewards points, and on.

Getting Started With Zembula Couldn’t Be Easier

Zembula works with whatever you’re using to send your emails, including Sailthru. Integration is free and supported.

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There’ll be no need for any custom development. You’ll have the power to share personalized information in your email, including of course the ever-important ratings and reviews.

Zembula’s system is totally What You See Is What You Get. It’s easy to learn. In no time at all, you’ll be dragging and dropping data into content blocks without having to go back to the code.

Pricing for Zembula is based on impressions, with the base price including up to 200 million impressions at a rate of $0.50 per 1,000.

Take your emails to the next level. Contact Zembula today to get started.

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