The Easiest Way to Create Abandoned Cart Emails

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Abandoned carts account for almost $18 billion in lost sales throughout the year and there’s plenty of resources out there claiming to know the secret subject line, best offer, or cadence of emails that will recover that revenue using abandoned cart emails. 

But what if there was another way? 

As advertisers know, 75% of consumers notice retargeted ads when a consumer leaves something in their cart. Encouraging, right? So why limit your chance to recover that revenue to 3 emails, or risk annoying your customer with even more communication? 

The more personalized these ads are the higher they perform, to the tune of up to 1,300% ROI.

This is why Zembula is taking a new approach to cart abandoners. This isn’t to say you should scrap those abandoned cart emails, now is just the time to really step up the quality.

The basic premise of advertising is the more you see it, the more likely you are to convert, right? Zembula applies this same principle across all of your brand emails to capture more of those abandoned cart dollars.

Using a live image notification bar, any email your brand sends will serve as a reminder that something was left behind in the cart, and with personalized chips of data at your fingertips you can easily make this notification bar fully customized to every subscriber on your list. Best of all, there’s no added complexity of segmentation or manual coding required!

If nothing is in the cart, the image simply disappears or reverts to a fallback promotion of your choosing.

We love this simple way to include personalized abandoned cart information in every single email you send to your subscribers. Want to know more about how to get these live image notifications working for you? Chat with us!

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