The Best Interactive Content Marketing Campaigns

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Great content just works, right?

Pretty much every marketer can agree with that. But it’s creating great content that’s the struggle now.

Part of it is due to content shock. There’s so much content out there people are constantly bombarded with it daily. That already makes it hard to stand out. And as more content is created daily, the challenge becomes even more difficult.

In this survey, 83% of marketers cited engagement as a way to measure the success of their content marketing campaigns. This is great because engagement is key to building lasting long-term relationships with customers which, in turn, has a positive impact on the bottom line.

But, here’s the flipside.

A whopping 65% of those surveyed said they struggle to produce engaging content.

Now for the good news. The brands and marketers that are seeing traction are focusing in on one soft metric: engagement.

And a lot of them are doing it through interactive content marketing campaigns.

We thought you might need a little bit of inspiration. So, in this post, we’re going to share a few awesome interactive marketing campaigns that are seeing tons of engagement.

4 Interactive Content Marketing Campaigns We Love

Shutterstock: Creative Trends Report

Shutterstock gathers data from its millions of customers and shares what’s hot and the trends it sees for the coming year. In the past, while informative and well designed, these reports didn’t scream interactive. You can see 2017’s infographic here.

In 2018, Shutterstock fully embraced interactive content in creating it’s Creative Trends Report.

interactive content marketing campaign shutterstock

Scroll through this report and you’ll be hit with images, footage, and music that has been specifically curated for each trend and ready for you to interact with.

This switch paid off. In 2017, the report was shared over 4,000 times on Facebook. In 2018, the interactive report has already seen 2.5 times more shares.

Washington Post: An illustrated guide to all 1,243 deaths in “Game of Thrones”

Game of Thrones is a pop culture phenomenon. And as we head into a new season every year (well, every 18 months) brands compete to capture the eyeballs of an audience that can’t get enough of what’s happening in Westeros.

As Season 7 rolled around, the Washington Post decided to go fully interactive and created a massive guide called Valar Morghulis that featured every death in Game of Thrones to date.

washington post game of thrones interactive

Visitors can scroll by season and then click on the illustrations of each character to find out information like when they died, how they died, and who killed them. Plus the deadliest locations are highlighted on an interactive map.

This interactive graphic has been shared almost 30,000 times since it was created.

PBS: The Great American Read

The Great American Read is a project run by PBS that “celebrates the power of reading as told through the prism of America’s 100 best-loved novels.”

While television is the most common medium people use to interact with PBS, The Great American Read takes it a step further. It opts for a multi-channel interactive content marketing campaign to get people excited about reading.

the great american read interactive content marketing

Beyond the tv programming, the site encourages interactivity.

You can cast votes for your favorite novels, get a synopsis and factoids about each book, try your hand at a Great American Read themed New York Times Crossword, have your social media content featured, and take a quiz on the number of books you’ve read out of the 100.

The full interactive list of books has been shared almost 53,000 times and the quiz just over 8,000.

Airbnb: Trip Matcher

The best thing about Airbnb is you can stay anywhere in the world. But, with so many options right at your fingertips, some travelers can get overwhelmed at all of the available choices.

With its interactive Trip Matcher quiz, Airbnb is trying to help whittle down the decisions for you. Or, at the very least, provide a fun distraction.

Airbnb Trip Matcher quiz

The quiz asks eight questions that will help reveal your travel personality. Then your results will show you one of ten cities that match your that will match answers. But that’s not all. Airbnb also highlights city guides, cool experiences, and listings that could fit your needs.

The quiz has been shared thousands of times across social media and blogs.

Your Turn

Are you feeling inspired to start your own interactive content marketing campaign?

Hopefully, these examples will show you that there’s still plenty of ways to create engaging content that can give your content strategy a boost and start building a good relationship with your customers.

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