Storytelling in Marketing Part 3: Creativity

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Welcome back to Storytelling in Marketing! Up until now, you’ve learned the basics of marketing storytelling, and how emotion plays a major role in successful marketing. In part 3 of our ongoing series, we’ll teach you about creativity and its integral part in the success of your story.

Most marketers are busy people (we are too!) but the outdated formula of “blog post, email, white paper, email” just won’t work in today’s oversaturated marketplace. This is why, when we talk about creativity, it’s so important to understand your brand voice first. What do you have to offer that no one else does? We like brainstorming ideas, writing down anything that comes to mind, and then playing off of that. Is your brand young? Established? Fun? Serious? Quirky? Take these traits and be sure to implement them across the board in your marketing. Your unique brand voice should be the first thing that your audience notices about you, and it should make them want to come back for more.

Once you have established your brand voice and integrated it into your marketing, you can afford to take some risks within the boundary of that voice. Take Zembula, for instance. We’re a younger company, based in Portland, OR. We serve a lot of creatives, so our interactive content can be fun and quirky, like this April Fool’s Day experience we ran last year!

This email from Lululemon is another great example of brand voice and knowing your audience. The great images and nice layout are nothing new from the luxury athletic brand, but the cheeky headline winks at their mostly female audience in a way that isn’t too crude.


Even nonprofits can get in on the fun. The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) ran a brand awareness and engagement campaign called Send Me SFMOMA, sending text messages with pieces in their collection to anyone who texted them a request. You could even send emojis, like “Send me 🌵 pictures”!

Using your brand voice to step up your creativity in your marketing isn’t only fun, it’s smart! Creative campaigns stick with people long after your campaign has run its course, and consumers (particularly millennials) are much more likely to buy from fun and engaging brands.

Stuck in a creativity rut? We can help!