Start 2021 Off Right With Real-Time Personalized Emails

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Did you spend 2020 trying to get some traction with your emails?

If that’s you, you’re not alone. Most brands fully realize just how important email is to attract customers and keep them coming back for more. 

In the last few years, personalization in email has become a pretty hot topic. It’s easy to understand why. A big part of this with personalization push is that customers and readers are demanding it. 

As email open and click rates have dropped over the years, something had to change. And smart marketers realized that the more they tailored their email campaigns to specific groups of users, the better those emails performed. 

Now, personalization is a critical strategy for most brands. Thankfully, technology can help. With the right tools, you can move way beyond simple personalization and level up to real-time personalization. 

Here’s how you can use real-time personalization in your emails this year and beyond.

What you should know about real-time personalization

What makes real-time personalization so amazing is that it gives your customers one-to-one personalized information that updates every time the email is opened.

Being able to get real-time updates right from moment of open means your customers don’t have to go out of the email or off site and try to find the data they need. Instead, it’s all there right at their fingertips in one place. 

And, you can send out emails that are personalized to just one person every single time. Talk about going deep with hyper-personalization! 

Real-time personalized emails in action

There are plenty of ways you can tap into real-time personalized emails. In fact, with these types of emails, you have a lot of flexibility on how you can approach your email strategy and come up with all sorts of customized campaigns that can be segmented in all kinds of ways.

Here are just a few common examples where you can use these emails:

  • Shipping confirmations and tracking emails
  • Abandoned cart emails
  • Purchase receipt emails
  • Loyalty point update emails
  • Geo-location and weather related emails
  • Product specials and sales emails

Now, let’s take a look at a couple of these in action so you can see some of the power behind real-time personalized emails.

Shipping confirmations

Anyone who has ever bought anything online is familiar with the shipping confirmation email. In fact, statistics show that this email often has some of the highest open rates out there.

Here’s where you can capitalize on that opportunity. With real-time emails, shipping confirmations update at the moment of open. That means that when your customer opens their email, they will see exactly where their product is at that moment in time. 

It removes having to grab a tracking number and sign in to a site or shipping company to get information. 

You can also use this email to do a little selling too. Feature special products or sale items or loyalty points in this email and grab a few more potential clicks along the way.


No, we’re not talking weather reports here. Well, not exactly. You can pull in geo-location data and tie it to the weather to speak directly to your customers. 

Check out this example:

Here you can tap into feelings like the fear of missing out to highlight bad weather in one location and tempt people with better weather somewhere else. 

This is a really cool approach that embraces the idea of real-time personalization. After all, the weather is constantly changing, so it’s a great way for you to entice your customers every time they open your emails.

Special deals and products

Do you have a big sale in a local area going on? Or maybe one of your restaurants is trying up a new special dish. 

You can tap into real-time personalized emails to highlight these special events, specials, and deals with your customers. And, instead of sending everyone an email, even if it doesn’t apply to them, you can tap into local personalization and give people the information that matters to them right where they live.

With emails like this, you can shout all sorts of events that can drive people to your shops and site.

Give it a shot

Personalization is more important than ever. The inbox is crowded today so you need to do something to stand out. 

Real-time personalized emails is just one way you can start catching your customer’s attention.

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