Stand Out or Be Left Out – How Ratings and Reviews Can Set Your Emails Apart

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A recent study by VentureBeat found that email delivers the highest return on investment for marketers with a $38 ROI for every dollar spent. You’ve probably seen this firsthand.

If only you could push past that one thorn that so consistently plagues you and those like you: incorporating ratings and reviews into your emails. Just imagine the potential email ROI if someone could make this process more efficient and realistic. Think of how far you could go with your email marketing.

Guess what? Zembula does exactly that by not only allowing for simple inclusion of ratings and reviews but also the power to make them personalized.

Zembula Ratings and Reviews example

And even better still, Zembula lets you do it all with drag-and-drop modular content blocks built and updated in their platform. You can add them using just a single snippet of code.

If you’re sending your emails using SparkPost, you’re just a few simple steps away from getting started with Zembula.

Matter More With Personalized Emails

Think of how much more effective your emails could be if you could not only include the ratings and reviews that you know would drive transactions and you could personalize that content so you’re delivering only what matters to each individual customer.

Zembula Platform Ratings and Reviews

Have you ever sent an email knowing that the product you’re featuring will be of no interest to a large portion of your audience? It probably happens all the time. What you should be doing is only sending what’s interesting to each person. That’s how you engage them rather than annoy them. Zembula lets you easily personalize those email messages. No more scattershot approach. Be precise and targeted with your messaging.

With Zembula, you’ll create email images that contain your data. You simply cut and paste a snippet of code, and after that, you don’t have to touch the code at all.

And it’s not just ratings and reviews. Tracking information, cart abandonment notifications, rewards points status – whatever data you have, you can personalize it for each individual user.

Simple Integration

sparkpost esp

Regardless of how you’re sending your email, getting started with Zembula is totally straightforward and What You See Is What You Get. It’s intuitive and easy to learn.

You can integrate Zembula with SparkPost in no time.

No more having to create HTML email templates. No more testing for each browser. It’s time to incorporate ratings and reviews regularly and easily. Watch the power of user-generated content transform your business.

You could get started with Zembula today.

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