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What’s your brand’s strategy for 2023; doing more of the same with your emails or digging into your data and building a system around what it shows you about your customers? 

2023 should be the year of data-driven personalization. And there’s no better way to incorporate personalization into your email marketing strategy than through Smart Blocks™.

With Smart Blocks™, you have the potential to reach more of your customers on a 1:1 level, offering them individualized messaging that builds real connections. 

If you need inspiration for how to best utilize Smart Blocks™, we’ve got you covered.

Reach into your data

Data can be a marketer’s best friend. And today, you have tons of it available right at your fingertips. The key is using that data to find ways to drive conversions and revenue. 

Performative personalization is the way to do it. However, performative personalization moves beyond personalization for the sake of it. Instead, marketers need to use their data to find the most effective personalized content and messaging that drive action. 

That’s where personalization can enable you to stand out from the competition and drive more revenue and Smart Blocks™ help. 

Connect with readers in multiple ways 

Smart Blocks™ stand out because they give your subscribers and customers multiple places to add more personalization to your emails. That helps inject personalized messaging into every email you send, from promotions to journey and triggered emails. 

Your Promotional Email Mockup W Text

Beyond personalization, Smart Blocks™ offer another opportunity to drive secondary calls to action.

While Smart Banners™ should be your primary revenue-driving calls to action, right at the top of your emails, Smart Blocks™ let you add more levels of personalization. 

Use Smart Blocks™ for:

  • Sales and promotion reminders
  • Product recommendations and reviews
  • Loyalty points updates
  • Sign-up requests for SMS or other alerts
  • And more

Save Smart Blocks™ for driving your next best action, increasing the personalization opportunities in your emails, and communicating with your list. 

Smart Blocks™ give you endless opportunities for personalization

Want to make truly individualized emails in a flash? Smart Blocks™ can make it happen. 

It’s easy to make your emails more personalized. First, hook up your data sources to the Zembula platform, set your display parameters, and add a snippet of code to your templates. From there, our AI-powered Campaign Decision Engine does the heavy lifting, picking the best performing personalized Smart Blocks™ to display automatically.

Happy Birthday Smart Block

Plus, you’re not limited to just Smart Block™ per email. Instead, use them multiple times in every email as content anchors, showing everything from zero-party data to loyalty and promotional information. 

With so many Smart Blocks™ to choose from, it adds variety and interest to your emails. As a result, customers and subscribers feel like they’re getting an email that’s just for them, not a generic blast. That helps build better communication with your readers — they’ll want to see what you’re sending them next.

And with message hierarchy, you don’t have to worry about running out of personalized content. Instead, pick the order of importance for your displays so there’s always customized messaging.

zembula smart block examples

As we dive into 2023, connecting with your list is more important than ever. Make sure you have ways to separate yourself from the competition and deliver a better experience for your customers

Smart Blocks™ help you achieve both.

Explore Smart Blocks™ with Zembula

Do you want to learn more about Smart Blocks™? We’d love to show you how your brand can use them to add more personalization to your emails and drive conversions and revenue. 

Getting started is easy. Connect with us and request a demo. From there, one of our email marketing experts will walk you through how to start using the Zembula platform and incorporating Smart Blocks™ and Smart Banners™ into the mix.

Click here to request a demo.

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