Segmenting and Personalizing With Modular Email

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Using modular email with Zembula has a lot of benefits. If you read our first series on the topic you already know about our modular approach and why it is better than your typical email workflow. 

Here’s a little recap in case you missed it:

Our modular approach allows you to create content blocks that are snippets of code. You paste these snippets of code into your email one time and then you can swap out the content from our platform. You never have to touch the code again. That means no more rigorous testing for each send. 

While not having to change and retest your email code is, in and of itself, a reason to start using modular email, there are many other benefits to be had! 

In this part of the series, I will walk you through how modular email helps you streamline your segmentation and personalization efforts. 


When you use modular content with Zembula you create an image that has live data within the image. This means that each image is updated at the moment of open and is unique to each user. 

Modular email really steps up your personalization game when you use multiple blocks in the same email. This allows for a truly one-to-one experience.


Essentially when you use dynamic personalization with Zembula’s modular email content blocks you open up endless possibilities. Each of your email recipients has the potential to see a completely different message even within the same email send.

This means that you don’t have to segment your emails before you send them. You can set up content to automatically appear to certain groups of recipients all within the same email send. This will save you lots of time when it comes to your email programs. 

One really interesting application of this is for loyalty programs – specifically for members vs. non-members. 

Take a look at this example where someone that wasn’t signed up for a loyalty program gets an email and someone within that loyalty group gets the same email. 

See how the loyalty content block appears different to each person depending on their loyalty status? 

It doesn’t end at loyalty either. You can segment on anything! All you have to do is set up the data in your content block and it automatically works for you. 

Want to learn more about how this type of modular email content can save you time with personalization and segmentation?

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