Here’s The Secret to Our Interactive Email Marketing Strategy!

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In case you missed it, earlier this year we here at Zembula explained exactly what interactive email looks like, and gave you some tips on how you can improve your interactive email marketing strategy.

Now, we’ve decided to do something that’s kind of crazy in the marketing world… and give you our secret strategy to successful interactive email marketing campaigns! This step by step guide to replicating our interactive email marketing communications is sure to help you if you get stuck on your next email campaign.

Step One:

Start with a subject line that entices the reader’s curiosity. At Zembula, our whole approach is rooted in Reveal Marketing. Reveal Marketing is a special type of interactive content that requires the reader to engage with the content by sliding, scratching, or unzipping with their mouse or their finger on a mobile device to uncover a hidden portion of your marketing message. Reveal Marketing is based on 6 key psychological principles including curiosity and fear of missing out.

Curiosity is key to grabbing the reader’s attention and standing out in their oversaturated and crowded inbox. If your subject line grabs their attention, they are more likely to open your email and interact with your content.

It’s also important to stimulate a reader’s curiosity in order to ensure they remember the information you give them in your email campaign. In fact, it’s proven that satiation of curiosity stimulates areas of the brain related to memory formation. This means if you can ask a question with your subject line or pose a challenge that will make your reader curious, they’re more likely to remember whatever information you give them once they open that particular email!

Step Two:

Use reveal marketing interactive content to drive the reader to engage with our campaign. Once the reader has opened the email, we don’t simply forget about the key psychological components of reveal marketing! In fact, asking them to further engage with our content and complete a Zembula experience such as a Slide-it or Tear-it within the body of the email activates a psychological principle known as The Ikea Effect. By requiring the readers’ participation in your interactive content, you’re allowing them to invest more in your message, which in turn means they’ll find the information you present them with more valuable and they’ll be more likely to remember it.

We create interactive experiences for our email campaigns that use engaging imagery and provide clear direction on how the consumer should proceed. Each step of the process, from the initial image, to the reveal image, and always call to action provide a unified singular experience that relates to our central campaign directive.

Step Three:

Create a strong call to action that links to a customized landing page. Keeping in mind again our psychological principles, the marketers at Zembula end our interactive email campaigns with a well-crafted Call to Action that links out to a related landing page. Ensuring that your call to action and landing page design and content is integrated with your central campaign goals is a necessity to crafting campaigns that rake in engagement.

If you use a discount offer as your call to action for connecting with your customers, you’re activating yet another component of the psychology reveal marketing is built upon. Operant Conditioning refers to the brain’s ability to create links between the input directly following something that causes joy, like a discount or a yummy snack, and the joy itself. It’s what makes us want to eat another potato chip or open an email from a company that has given us a discount before. Utilizing Operant Conditioning in your offer in the form of a discount makes your recipients more likely to interact with your content in the future!

Step Four:

Analyze the data to identify both successes and areas for improvement. Analytics are key to proving ROI and furthering your marketing budget. Zembula’s analytics dashboard has all the tools you need examine your campaigns and compile reports for internal use. Keeping track of all your interactive email marketing in one place makes it that much easier to spot trends of success and identify pain points in your marketing approach.

Never underestimate the power of A/B testing. Within our analytics dashboard, you can create A/B testing campaigns that help you further narrow down brand identity and subject line strategies that resonate with your readers, encouraging their further interaction with your content.

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Now that we’ve given away all of the secrets to our interactive email marketing, you can learn more about the secret to our interactive landing pages or check out the Zembula Academy to get started with your education in crafting engaging interactive reveal marketing campaigns.

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