The Secret to Our Interactive Landing Pages

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Interactive landing pages are a must-have item for digitally-savvy marketers. Adding interaction to your landing pages will help drive engagement and boost conversions. In fact, an interactive landing page converts 3x the visitors into subscribers! That’s the kind of engagement you can’t afford to miss. In the past, we’ve shown you three tips for creating the best interactive landing page possible. If you’re still having trouble, don’t worry! Today, we want to go over the big secret to how we craft our interactive landing pages. Hopefully learning a little more about how Zembula leverages interactive content will get you inspired for your next campaign.

So what’s the secret?

It’s called reveal marketing. If you’ve never heard of it before, reveal marketing refers to a specific type of interactive content that requires the user to interact with your campaign in some way, like scratching or sliding, to unlock a hidden portion of your message.

Why is it so successful?

We’ve found that our clients and those brands and marketers who embrace reveal marketing see the results – higher levels of engagement and active interest in campaigns that all lead to more clicks.

The numbers don’t lie. We’ve found that reveal marketing has been shown to increase click-through rates by 200%!

Reveal marketing works because it is based on 6 proven psychological principles. Some of these principles, like Curiosity and Fear Of Missing Out, are aimed at capturing your customer’s attention and keeping it, ensuring your landing page makes their memory banks and stands out in the sea of marketing messages they look at every day.

Other principles, like The Endowment Effect and Operant Conditioning, teach your customers how to interact with your messages, and increase their sense of investment in the information you share with them. When all 6 principles come together, your marketing messages are impossible to ignore and even harder to forget! This ensures your customers remain actively engaged with your campaigns and leads to better brand loyalty and conversion rates.

How can I use it on my landing pages?

Study up on reveal marketing with the links above or check out our Resources page for more helpful articles.


Remember to utilize the psychological principles that are the cornerstone of Reveal marketing in your landing page copy. You want to think about the ways you can incite curiosity within your readers to make them intrigued to click. How can your landing page continue the journey your customers are on? Are there ways you can integrate your landing page into a story arch that spans the email campaign or ad that directed the reader to this landing page? Asking yourself these questions is the first step.

From there, you need to add that reveal based element to your landing page. This could be an image, video, GIF, or even action based interactive experiences like those that Zembula offers. There are tons of opportunities today to add “the reveal” to your landing pages for great success. You are truly only limited by your imagination here, marketers!

Once you have those key components mastered, you’ll be well on your way to crafting stellar interactive landing pages that convert.

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