How to Run The Best Sweepstakes Ever

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With the growth of the social media craze and the rise of interactive content on the web, marketers have seen a huge resurgence in sweepstake competitions. Let’s break down how to run the best sweepstakes ever and win over your audience with engaging interactive competitions.

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Use Your Content To Build Your Fan Base

Sharing contests and exciting your customers with unique content is a proven way to increase your number of followers on social media, and therefore your brand’s overall reach. Today’s digital world is hooked on interactive content of all types, and when you bring the chance to connect with your brand to their social media feed, the engagement just rakes in! While your follower count isn’t the only important metric to consider, it is a huge factor in proving your sweepstakes’ ROI. There are many options out there today that allow you to create engaging interactive sweepstakes and share them easily across your social media accounts, so what’s holding you back from starting your next campaign today?

Use Your Contest to Drive Engagement

Not only are sweepstakes great at increasing the reach of your campaign, they are also deepening the connection that is created by driving massive levels of engagement. By running a sweepstake campaign, you utilize proven marketing psychology that ensures your recipients interact with, and remember, your campaign. For example, Near Miss Theory is one of these psychological principles that drive the customer to interact with sweepstakes marketing campaigns. Utilizing marketing psychology like this allows for continued engagement and furthers your brand’s customer relationships.

Use Your Contest To Gather Data

It doesn’t take the most observant marketer to notice that people are more willing to share their information with the promise of a prize. You don’t want to pry or introduce too many barriers, but sweepstakes are a great way to gather data from your consumers while offering them the chance for a great reward! In addition to collecting data as part of the entry process, sweepstakes offer a great way to gather and analyze data from the interactions and conversations that take place surrounding your contest. There are many simple to use applications, including Zembula’s interactive content platform, that allows you to create simple sweepstakes campaigns and offer native analytics to help you track your successes and prove your return on investment.

Create a Great Sweepstakes and Let Your Customers Do Your Marketing For You

Customers are looking for exciting digital content they can share with their family and friends, and what is more exciting than the chance to win an awesome prize from a brand you respect? With the connective power the internet provides, you can reach an audience of thousands of potential customers or even higher! Sweepstakes are a well-rounded marketing approach that allows you to reach customers across every channel including social media, email, and mobile campaigns.

Using the four guidelines above, any marketer can start planning their first sweepstakes campaign quickly and easily. Zembula’s interactive content platform allows you to run many types of campaigns, including sweepstakes and A/B testing campaigns that empower you to grow your engagement and gather data to analyze your campaigns. Learn more about how to start your first sweepstakes campaign today.