Reveal Marketing: The Backbone of Interactive Content

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If you know anything about Zembula, you know we’re passionate about reveal marketing. We’ve published tons of posts explaining the benefits of reveal marketing and giving you insight into incorporating it into your next campaign.

Now, we want to explain to you exactly WHY we’re so passionate about spreading the reveal marketing message. Interactive content has been around for a long time, but few people know that reveal marketing is actually the backbone of all interactive content strategies!

Let’s examine 5 of the most popular types of interactive content and see how they have their roots in reveal marketing principles.


While polls aren’t necessarily anything new to the marketing world, 2017 saw a huge rise in popularity of polls, with the release and implementation of Twitter polls. By requiring the follower to interact with the poll by voting before revealing the results of the poll, these types of interactive content pull heavily from reveal marketing influences. Asking a question of the audience and hiding the poll results triggers the audience’s curiosity, enticing them to click with marketing psychology. This mandatory interaction to uncover the results drives engagement in a huge way!


Another staple of interactive content, the quiz, relies on reveal marketing principles to boost engagement and brand loyalty. Any marketer with a finger on the pulse knows quizzes are hugely successful, with the average quiz being shared nearly 2000 times. By withholding information until the reader interacts with quiz questions, this form of interactive content calls upon the reveal marketing principles of the Ikea Effect. Asking your customers to invest in your message by interacting in the form of a quiz allows them to feel more attached to whatever information you serve up. This means they are more likely to remember the campaign long after they’ve completed interacting with your quiz questions.

Interactive Infographics:

Infographics seem to capture the public’s attention more consistently than any form of content. A thoroughly designed infographic can convey massive amounts of information in a way that doesn’t feel cumbersome or heavy-handed. These benefits only compound when you add a dash of interactivity to your infographic campaign! Interactive infographics rely on the reveal marketing principle of operant conditioning to drive your click-through rates sky high. Training your readers to complete the desired action on reveal elements like roll over icons, highlighted text and more requires you to withhold key information until the customer has completed the interaction. Just ask Blackrock, an investment firm that saw higher engagement and site traffic after utilizing an interactive infographic built upon the backbone of Reveal Marketing.


Everyone on the web loves a good calculator and anyone with access to Google knows there’s a ton of them out there to choose from. It doesn’t matter if you need to calculate a simple budget or figure out complex math equations, there’s a calculator on the internet to help! So how does reveal marketing inform the strategy of interactive calculators? Well, in order to receive the desired result, the reader has to input information, making them personally invested in the result of the calculations. This step in the process utilizes the reveal marketing psychological principle of the endowment effect. By requiring interaction before revealing the desired information, you ask the viewer to take ownership of the result of your calculations. This leads to better brand loyalty by fostering a two-way interaction that leaves the customer feeling more connected to your brand.


By far the clearest connection to reveal marketing principles comes in the form of interactive microsites, like BurgerBFF.com’s dynamic landing page for a campaign surrounding two new burgers. Interactive microsites utilize all 6 of the core principles that reveal marketing is based upon, including activating a customer’s fear of missing out or FOMO. The microsites are limited only by your imagination, and forms of interaction include rollovers, scratch-its, slider bars and more! When the reader interacts with your campaign in the desired way, you uncover hidden information or discounts to help them feel confident they’re not missing out on anything your brand has to offer.

Now that we’ve covered how reveal marketing principles shape interactive content, hopefully, you’re feeling inspired for your next campaign. Check out our resource library to get more ideas on interactive campaigns based on reveal marketing you can start today.