Ratings and Reviews Equal More Business, and Zembula Makes Adding Them Simple

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Zembula provides much-needed relief for so many email marketers who struggle with incorporating ratings and reviews. What if you could not only easily add ratings and reviews to your emails but also personalize critical messaging?

With Zembula, you can. And getting started is a breeze. If you’re already using NP6 to send your emails, you’re a few simple steps away from making it happen.

Email service providers have done a terrible job of solving the problem of email marketers having to create HTML templates and constantly test them for different browsers just to include ratings and reviews.

Enough already. Commerce isn’t going to wait around. And if you’re not giving your customers the user-generated content that is becoming the number one driver of transactions, then you’re losing out.

With Zembula, you use drag-and-drop modular content blocks built and updated using a single snippet of code. No HTML templates. No testing. Simple, the way it should be.

And on top of that, you can just as easily personalize those ratings and reviews so that you’re only sending what’s relevant to each individual.

Zembula Ratings and Reviews Content blocks

Zembula Gives You the Power to Matter More to Your Customers

Consumers trust user-generated content. They want to see what other people – not salespeople – are saying about the stuff they’re interested in. Now you can add that five star review you know is going to drive sales. And you can do it without having to create HTML templates or to test for different browsers.

Using Zembula, you’ll create email images that contain live data. You simply plug those images into your email and then update the content in Zembula’s platform. All without having to edit the code.

ratings and reviews header

Beyond ratings and reviews, you can easily add personalized information for the data you’re already capturing for things like rewards points, tracking information, cart abandonment notifications, and more.

You’re Closer To Getting Started Than You Might Think

You could be up and running with personalized ratings and reviews by the time you send your next email. Integration is free and supported, and Zembula works with whatever email service provider you’re using, including NP6.


Pricing for Zembula is based on impressions, starting at a rate of $0.50/CPM.

Once you’ve integrated with Zembula, operation is straightforward. You’ll have a What You See Is What You Get system. Use the email editor to drag and drop data into content blocks. And do it without having to go back to the code.

Schedule a Zembula demo to get started today.

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