Ratings and Reviews Drive Sales – Easily Include Them In Your Emails

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Even the very best email marketers have trouble keeping up with including ratings and reviews. That’s because email service providers haven’t done enough to make the process easier.

Who has the time to create HTML templates and then test them for different browsers? That shouldn’t have to be an email marketer’s job.

Why can’t it be easy to add ratings and reviews? Why haven’t email service providers done more to soothe such a common pain point?

It doesn’t have to be that way. Zembula has solved the problem. Now, not only can you easily add ratings and reviews, but you can personalize them. You can do it all with drag-and-drop modular content blocks built and updated using a single snippet of code.

Zembula Ratings and Reviews example

Integrating Zembula with whatever you’re using, including NRM Info Solutions, is simple.

Personalize Your Emails for Much Greater Impact

Including user-generated content is critical for success in today’s email marketing game. But including the wrong information won’t get you any further than including no information.

The key is relevancy. And the way to be relevant is by showing each individual user the information that pertains to them specifically.

Zembula makes it simple to add the ratings and reviews that matter to each person so you’re sending what’s relevant to everyone on your list.

Zembula personalized email

Within the Zembula system, you’ll create email images that contain your data. You’ll plug those images into your email and update them as you please. And all without having to edit the code.

And it’s not just ratings and reviews that you can personalize. You can use Zembula to better utilize all of the data you’re already collecting. You can easily send personalized messages about tracking information, cart abandonment notifications, rewards points, and on and on.

Zembula Integration Is Simple

No matter how you’re currently sending email, getting started with Zembula is easy, and operating within Zembula is entirely straightforward. The system is intuitive and simple to learn.

ratings and reviews header

Forget creating HTML templates. And no more testing them for each browser. Get back to actual marketing. 

You can and should be regularly including ratings and reviews in your emails. With Zembula, you’ll have the capability to do so easily.

Get started with Zembula today.

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