A Step-By-Step Guide To Planning For Labor Day Marketing

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Like any other summer holiday, Labor Day is a key day for marketers to embrace. It’s important to get started with your Labor Day campaign planning as early as possible. Taking a proactive approach allows you to craft the best content campaign possible, ensuring it is interactive, engaging and builds brand awareness. We’ve created a step by step guide to Labor Day marketing to help get you started.

Step 1: Think About The Timing

For many consumers, Labor Day marks the official end of summer and the transition back into the fall and school time. Summer is a season of long relaxing days and lackadaisical business practices. People are often on vacation with their families and friends, not obsessively checking their emails! However, Labor Day marks that shift back into “the real world.” Kids go back to school, and parents hit the office life hard again. Not only is this a season of change back into a more steady routine, but it’s also a time of shopping! With end-of-summer blowout parties galore, consumers are hoping to host impressive get-togethers and are starting to think about stocking up on fall and winter products. Don’t forget the emotions around this time of year, and begin to think about Labor Day marketing campaigns that will hit your target buyer personas with relevant content at the right time!

Step 2: Invite Family and Friends

Not only is Labor Day associated with the end of summer, but consumers also think about their family and friends during this iconic American holiday. Labor Day is a time to squeeze in last minute camping trips with family and get together in backyards on those waning summer nights to connect with friends. In fact, 46.5% of Americans plan to barbecue over the Labor Day weekend. Remembering that important aspect of this holiday will help you better interact with your customers and join into the festive feeling of the holiday. Hitting them at the relevant time with the right information and inviting them to share a contest or discount with their social network in a meaningful way will build excellent brand awareness and help you better connect with your consumers.

Step 3: Don’t Forget Back to School

Finally, another seasonal aspect to consider is “Back to School.” In late August and early September, many customers are preoccupied with back to school planning and purchasing the necessary clothes and office supplies for their families. In 2013, back-to-school spending was tracked at $72.5 billion. Regardless of your industry, think about how your product or services can be applied to back to school. How can you help free up more time or funds for parents to focus on their family? What products do you offer that can help a little one or caregiver to better organize or plan their life? Showing your consumers you know what’s on their mind around this time of year allows you to connect with them and foster interactive communication that gives you more information about them and builds their positive associations with your brand.

Step 4: Create a Discount

People want deals and discounts in their Labor Day marketing! Like many holidays, the public has come to associate this extra day off with blazing hot deals to boost their end of summer fun. Keeping the elements above in mind, craft a discount that appeals to your ideal buyer personas. Think about what your customers will be needing and cater to their desires. Don’t forget that not only are they looking for the best deals on summer products, but they’re also shopping for the coming fall and winter. Make sure your discount is relevant in the digital age: Emarketer reports that e-commerce sales will grow by 13.3% this year! Now is a great time to showcase new seasonal products that they’ll want in the months to come. Show off new inventory or sell the last of your summertime stock! When you couple a great deal with some seasonal relevance you’ve hit a winning combination.

Step 5: Foster Some Interaction

Now that you’ve formulated your ideal discount campaign around this summer holiday,  it’s time to think of ways to make it interactive and engage your readers in your content. Interactive content is more successful and engaging that static content in a variety of ways. It’s proven more efficient at capturing attention, and readers are more likely to remember whatever information you serve up due to having their curiosity piqued. Interactive content can take a variety of forms, but no matter whether you choose a quiz, social media contest, informative infographic or some other method, you’ll see how fostering some interaction has a positive effect on your bottom line!

Step 6: Track your Success

The key to any campaign is to measure your successes and failures. To be a truly successful marketing initiative, there must be trackable progress on key progress indicators and show some return on investment for accounting and management departments. Ensure that your Labor Day marketing campaign is set up for tracking and that you create concrete goals to aim for with your marketing team. This way, you’re able to track what methods bring you the most success, and which approaches you may need to sideline for now. By proving to accounting departments that you’re concerned with the bottom line, and you’re aware what progress you need to show to keep your budget, you’ll impress your team and make headway on creating brand awareness and loyalty with your customers.

Now that you’ve crafted an engaging interactive digital campaign for your Labor Day marketing and set yourself up to track your successes, you should have no doubts about the power of emotive interactive content in boosting your KPIs. To learn more about using interactive content to drive conversions and grow brand loyalty, check out our resources page.

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