Personalized Ratings and Reviews: The Key To Stimulating Your MPZMail Messaging

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Even if you’re doing well with your current MPZMail approach, you could reach a totally new level. It’s all about getting past the age-old hurdle that so many email marketers struggle with: Incorporating ratings and reviews.

Email service providers haven’t done enough to make utilizing this powerful tool practical. That’s the bottom line. Email marketers don’t have time to create an HTML template for each new review and then have to test it for each browser.

But Zembula gives you a simple-to-use, easy-to-integrate solution. Using drag-and-drop modular content blocks that are placed using a single snippet of code, you can not only easily add ratings and reviews, but you can personalize them so that you’re only sending what’s relevant to each individual.

Zembula Ratings and Reviews Content blocks

And you can pair Zembula and MPZMail pretty much immediately. Integration is free and supported.

Talk to Each Customer as an Individual

The way to win consumer confidence is by showing them what other consumers have to say. Being transparent and sharing that critical user-generated content is the secret to driving sales. You could be doing it – and all without having to create or test HTML templates.

What makes the Zembula solution special is that not only can you easily add ratings and reviews, but you can make it automatic, rather than having to manually add them. What that means is that you can send personalized product recommendations that automatically include reviews for those items.

With Zembula, you’ll create email images that contain the data you’ve collected. All you have to do is plug those images into your email and then update them as often as you want in Zembula’s platform. And all without having to edit the code.

ratings and reviews header

And it’s more than just ratings and reviews. You can include personalized information for whatever data you might be collecting, including cart abandonment notifications, rewards points status, tracking information, and on and on.

So instead of sending the same message to everyone, you can personalize your messaging to send only what matters to each individual. That’s the key to being relevant.

Pairing MPZMail and Zembula Is Simple

If you’re already using MPZMail, you’re golden. Actually, Zembula works with whatever you’re using.


Once Zembula is installed, unleashing its power is straightforward and intuitive. This is very much a What You see Is What You Get Platform. No need to invest in customized development. You’ll simply use the email editor to drag and drop your data into content blocks. And you won’t have to go back to the code to do it.

Get up to 200 million impressions at a rate of $0.50 per 1,000 with Zembula’s base price.

Schedule a demo and learn more about how you can make your MPZMail emails more relevant.

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