Optimize the Performance of Your Email Campaigns on DoctorSender With User-Generated Ratings and Reviews

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If we go back to the early days of email marketing, the digital marketing landscape was pretty straightforward. Marketers didn’t have to compete with social media for attention. Customer’s inboxes weren’t saturated with emails. Because of this, simple strategies were effective. Brands could bring in sales with quick email blasts sent to their list, and that was the end of it. 

Now the digital marketing landscape is vastly different. Today you need to compete for your customer’s attention and meet their expectations of the experience they want to have with your brand. Today’s customer expects a personalized experience where they only receive the content that’s relevant to them. 

It’s for this reason that platforms like DoctorSender have a heavy focus on personalization. They let you integrate your customer data with your email campaigns to provide the most relevant content to your customer throughout the entire customer journey.


Zembula opens up a host of options to grab your customers’ attention, and one of the tools that consistently gets the best results for our customers is the ratings and reviews content block. 

Increasing Visibility on Your Brand’s Ratings and Reviews Drives Sales

Ratings and reviews are potent sales tools for brands across every segment. We can find a great example of their effectiveness in driving sales on Amazon. On this platform, it’s common to see products with more reviews sell better than those with none. Even if the reviews aren’t 100% positive, the sheer amount of user-generated content gives customers trust that the product will solve their problems. 

Zembula Ratings and Reviews example

Zembula lets you add ratings and reviews to your personalized email campaigns. By including your product’s ratings and reviews, you will increase their visibility because more people open emails than visiting your website.

This, in turn, impacts when your customer gets the information they’re looking for before heading over to your website. So when they decide to click through to your site, they’ll have a higher buying intent since they have more information from a trusted source. 

Our ratings and reviews content block can integrate with your customer data. This way, you can make sure that your customers continue to receive a personalized experience with your brand. 

DIY Integration and WYSIWYG Interface

Adding Zembula’s capabilities to your DoctorSender email campaigns is something you can do yourself without the need to call your IT department or a developer. 

Copy-paste a few lines of code to the body of your email, and you’re ready to start using all of our content blocks. 

Click here to schedule a call with one of the email experts. We can show you all the different ways to add ratings and reviews to help your customers make the decision to buy your products. 

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