New Features and Price, Who Dis?

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We have some huge news!

You already know Zembula is a powerful interactive content platform, but we just released an entirely new version of our software that makes building interactive experiences and adding them to your site so much easier. We are even shaking things up in the price department.


If you are looking to add interactive content into your marketing mix, or want to satisfy your email acquisition goals for 2019, now is the time to sign up. We are offering a lifetime subscription for only $99, but only for a short while.


Here’s what’s new:


One piece of code, one time, forever.

Whether you want to display an experience on one page of your site or all pages of your site, you only need to copy and paste code into your site one time! The new Universal Code Snippet allows you to display and control all experiences across the entirety of your domain. Display different experiences on different pages and never bug your developer again.


More power in your hands.

Once you place your universal code on your site, you can control every aspect of your Zembula campaigns right from the platform. Control what experience, where that experience appears, and how that experience appears with just a few clicks. You can make it as simple or complex as you like! Try one experience across all your pages, or dive deeper and display one experience on your homepage and a different experience on your blog.

Here are just a few things you can control:

  • Display type: Would you like your experience to be a Slide-in, overlay, or exit-intent overlay?
  • Display frequency: how often will a user see this?
  • Display page: What page will this appear on?
  • Display type specific preferences including scroll depth and time on page.


Drive more traffic directly to your website

When sending Zembula experiences in email you can expect your core email KPIs like email opens and clicks to soar, but the best part of sending Zembula in email is that you can also expect an uptick in traffic! You no longer need the interstitial page to use Zembula experiences in email, so now the process is more streamlined for your users and also gives you the opportunity to get more traffic, cookie those users and retarget/personalize more effectively. So now you can go ahead and send that interactive discount via email and when they click on it, drive them directly to your buying page!


Keyless integrations

Our integrations got a huge facelift! You can now set up an integration with your ESP simply by authorizing your ESP in the Zembula platform. It only takes a few clicks! We have all the major ESPs up and ready to go. If you don’t see what you are working with, setting up a custom integration is just as easy. All we need is the URL where your form appears and we will take care of the rest. Now, you can start sending the emails you collect from your Zembula experiences directly to your database instantly and securely.


Collect more information from visitors

Wishing you knew more about your visitors than just their email address? Now you can add multiple form fields to your Zembula experiences and send that information directly to your ESP. This way you can better personalize and retarget your audience with messages that appear to be made just for them. Try adding first and last name to your Zembula experiences to start!


There you have it! All the shiney, new goodness we have to offer! We hope you will check it out for yourself and let us know what you think. We are even offering a super special deal for a very short period of time! You can get Zembula for life for just $99. Now is the time to start using interactive content in your marketing. Don’t sleep on this deal because it won’t be here for long.


Sign up now for $99