Maximize the impact of your omnichannel campaigns on Emarsys with user-generated ratings and reviews

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Omnichannel campaigns have quickly become the marketing framework used by brands that want to get more ROI from their marketing spend while simultaneously providing their customers with a better brand experience. And that’s because with marketing platforms like Emarsys, making efficient use of all the data you collect has become significantly more streamlined. This increased ability to take advantage of all the data available has opened up countless possibilities for marketers to think outside of the box. 

And even though there are now countless possibilities, it’s essential to focus on what matters and what matters is getting more sales. Since getting more deals is the priority in every omnichannel campaign, it becomes critical that your strategy includes the tools that get the best results.

User-generated ratings and reviews are undoubtedly one of the most effective tools available for marketers, and Zembula allows you to add them quickly and easily to your Emarsys campaigns. 


Customers trust other customers.

The effectiveness of ratings and reviews boils down to trust. Customers expect that brands will say what they can to convince them to make the buying decision; hence they can’t fully trust the brand entirely when they start their relationship because their core motivation is to sell.

However, customers can fully trust other customers who are trying to solve the same problems as they are completely unbiased and uncompromised in their opinion. Other customers have no ulterior motives, which ultimately makes user-generated ratings and reviews so powerful. They’re a shortcut to gaining your customer’s trust and, as such, lead to getting better results. 

This trust-building power is complemented by the fact that almost everyone reads ratings and reviews to make their buying decision. Over 91% of online shoppers admit to having been influenced by other customer’s reviews when deciding to engage with a new brand. 

Zembula Content flow

Simple integration combined with powerful functionality

Email remains one of the cornerstones of effective omnichannel campaigns, and adding ratings and reviews to your campaigns augments its effectiveness. 

Zembula allows you to take advantage of the power of ratings and reviews by making it easy to integrate this functionality into your Emarsys email campaigns. On the functionality side of things, you’ll be able to use your customer data to provide personalized ratings and reviews, as well as being able to update the information after you hit send in real-time.

Zembula Ratings and Reviews example

To integrate Zembula, all you need to do is copy-paste a few lines of code; you’ll be able to add this powerful functionality and more to your email campaigns. No need to call your IT department or source a custom development. Zembula was developed for marketers that need to focus on getting results and not have to worry about what technology they use. 

Set up a call with our email experts so that we can show you how Zembula can help you get the best ROI possible from your omnichannel campaigns. 

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