Marketing for Small Holidays: January through April

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When you think about marketing for the holidays, there are some iconic celebrations that come to mind. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, to name a few… We all know what a strong campaign looks like for these holidays (and if you don’t, check out our guide.)

However, there are plenty of smaller holidays that are often overlooked which can still offer value for your marketing strategy! This guide will walk you through the upcoming months and serve up ideas for marketing around often-forgotten celebrations.


Groundhog Day:

By the time February 2nd rolls around everyone is tired of winter! Will the Groundhog see his shadow? Is winter finally over? This light hearted holiday is a perfect time to connect with your customers and commiserate together on the long cold nights and short frigid days of February. This year, Peeps is launching a campaign pitting Groundhog Day against Easter as the true mark of spring. Come up with your own fun campaign around this often forgotten holiday to bring a little spring cheer to your recipients cold days. Try sending a GIF from the cult classic Bill Murray movie “Groundhog Day.” It’s the perfect shareable, interactive communication that will make those elusive millennials nostalgia hard.

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Super Bowl Sunday:

Okay, so Super Bowl Sunday isn’t exactly a holiday per se, but in many American households it is sure celebrated like one! Capture the sports fanatics in your customer base this February 5th and build brand awareness by capitalizing on this national event. We might not know who the teams are yet, but you can plan ahead to post relevant content in the time leading up to the big game. The relevancy will lead to interactions that foster customer relationships. In fact, brands who advertise during the game see 6.5x more mentions than their top competitors. If sports isn’t exactly relevant to your image, you can still join the fun and delight your fans by posting about The Puppy Bowl!

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President’s Day:

Many brick and mortar stores offer President’s Day sales and discounts, but we don’t have to let retail have all the fun. Even if your brand isn’t planning on running a discount over this historical holiday, there’s the potential to boost brand awareness and customer relationships with interactive content. While static content, like a simple image posted to social media, might garner some attention you can boost your engagement with a dose of interactivity. Incorporate some knowledge, and send an interesting relevant fact wrapped in a Zembula experience, or create a presidential infographic your fan base can share.

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National Pi Day:

A lot of people love pie. Some (mathematical) people love Pi. Like the number. 3.1415… On March 14th, we celebrate both things at once and everyone is happy! This holiday is kind of nerdy and totally whimsical, but reach out to your customers with a lighthearted message and it’ll stand out in your recipient’s mind as a funny personal communication. Go the nerdy route, and send a fact or quiz your consumers on Pi. You could also appeal to the sweet tooth in all of us and give an excuse to eat Pie with a fun reminder about the holiday.

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Spring Equinox:

Technically a holiday since pagan times, the Spring Equinox signals the shift to longer days and warmer months ahead. On March 20th, Spring officially arrives! Celebrate the changing of seasons with your customers and send an interactive email or make an engaging social post. Spring is a perfect time to capture your customer’s attention, since they’re emerging from their winter hibernation and starting to organize and spring clean.

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April Fool’s Day:

Use this silly holiday to play a virtual “prank” on your recipients. Keep it light hearted and non-offensive, but embrace the spirit of this fun holiday. Last year, ASDA sent a fake Scratch and Sniff using a Zembula Experience. Make a fake business announcement or direct customers to a goofy webpage. Interacting with them on April Fool’s Day will feel personal, as you build a better, more loyal relationship with your customers. Some campaigns even go viral, garnering extra engagement and attention!

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Earth Day:

April 20th is a day of global appreciation for our planet. Your brand can not only strengthen customer loyalty and brand awareness by sending a communication on this holiday, but you can also have a positive social impact by increasing awareness of climate change. Use interactive content to send a relevant fact, or share news of your corporation’s volunteer or charity efforts. Your consumers will respect your brand’s commitment to the environment, and they will remember that commitment when they aim to make socially responsible purchases in the future.

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While we all know the value of marketing around the big holidays, never underestimate the power of reaching out to your customers with a simple message around smaller, overlooked, holidays. By adding an element of interactivity, your messages will feel personal and will stand out in the customer’s mind. Try incorporating some marketing content around one of the celebrations we covered, or pick your own small holidays, and watch your engagement and brand recognition grow with each interactive message.

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