Make Your NetSuite Emails More Impactful With Real-Time Ratings and Reviews

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You’re an email marketer. Not a programmer. So why does incorporating ratings and reviews into your email messaging have to require creating and testing an HTML template every time?

The quick answer: It doesn’t. Not if you’re using Zembula. 

Let’s face it: email service providers (ESPs) haven’t exactly made including ratings and reviews easy. Even if you do know how to include them, who has the time to actually do it with any consistency?

Zembula solves the problem by giving you the power of real-time ratings and reviews with drag-and-drop modular content blocks built and updated using a single snippet of code. And if you’re using NetSuite as your ESP, you’re set. Zembula installation is simple.

Zembula Ratings and Reviews Modules

Add Real-Time Ratings and Reviews to Your NetSuite Emails

With Zembula, you can create email images that contain live data. So you can not only easily include ratings and reviews, but you can actually update the information at any time and all the way up until the user opens their email. So no longer does hitting send on your email mean that your messaging opportunities for that email are finished. 

Let’s say an important review just hit your site, but you’ve already sent that day’s scheduled email. Now you can add that review, and anyone who’s not yet opened that email will see the new update. And even if they had opened their email, the new review would be there if they ever returned to that message.

Zembula Platform Ratings and Reveiews

You can go a step further by personalizing your email messaging. So instead of sending that review to everyone on your list, you can choose to send it only to the people for whom it’s relevant. Treat each one of your customers as an individual and research shows that you can increase transactions by six times!

Zembula’s simple means of using the real-time, personalized data you’ve already collected goes far beyond just ratings and reviews. It can revolutionize your approach to things like cart abandonment notifications, rewards or loyalty program points, tracking information, behavioral data, location data, and more.

Integrating Zembula With NetSuite Is Simple

In no time at all, you could be creating drag-and-drop content blocks that are snippets of code. You’ll paste those snippets one time into your email template and after that, you’ll be able to swap out content as you choose without having to touch the code at all.

Adding Zembula to your existing Netsuite email strategy is straightforward and easy, and we’ve got a technical team to walk you through the entire process. 

Netsuite Email Templates

Pricing is based on the number of impressions used with up to 6 million impressions in a year available at the base price. 

Consider for a second the marketing potential of personalized messaging that includes real-time ratings and reviews. It’s all possible with Zembula, and getting there is much easier than you might think.

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