Make Your Holiday Shipping Easy With Real-Time Package Tracking

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If there’s one thing that stresses consumers out during the holiday season, it’s shipping.

You’ve probably been there too.

Let’s say it’s December 23rd. You ordered a package on time, at least you thought it would be on time. Now, with Christmas two days away, you have no idea where this package is in transit. You check the tracking code on a package delivery website, and there’s no update. You call the company to find where your package is, and its customer service department is so swamped it’s hours of wait time before you can find an answer.

Time is running out. It’s looking like you might have a very disappointed kid come Christmas morning.

Most people have dealt with this nightmare at some point. Is it any wonder consumers get a bit crazy about this?

Here’s the good thing, it doesn’t have to be this way. With real-time package tracking in moment-of-open holiday emails, your customers don’t have to go on a wild goose chase for their packages. Instead, they will get a real-time update every single time they open their email.

Pretty cool, right?

Here’s why it matters.

Give your customer service team a break

Customer experience is something that should matter to brands today. How your customers interact with everything from your email to your customer service team can drive conversions and loyalty or send them running for the hills. 

One way to focus on improving your customer experience is by freeing up your customer service team to deal with real issues, not fielding where is my order calls. When your customer has an email that tells them exactly where their package is, in real-time, they don’t need to call your helpline. 

That means the customers who are having problems have faster access to help and getting their problems solved. This trickle-down effect can have positive impacts throughout the customer experience chain.

Build trust with your customers

We all know that brands are desperate to build trust with customers. In many cases, that’s easier said than done. But, that trust, however it is earned, can go a long way. Customers who come back to buy from you again tend to spend more on future purchases. 

So devoting time to nurturing that trust with your customers is crucial. Here again, is another situation where providing real-time package tracking can help. 

Providing this type of service to your customer is a great thing for them. It speaks directly to both their interests and their needs. Real-time package tracking is a form of email personalization. Customers are getting the information that matters directly to them, right at their fingertips. That can go a long way toward developing a solid relationship.

Give customers a heads up

Something else you can offer along with real-time package tracking is a simple heads up on what shipping looks like this year. Your customers aren’t retail experts; they don’t know (or, let’s be honest, care) what’s going on behind the scenes with logistics. 

To help facilitate easier package tracking during the holiday season, try letting your customers know about deadlines.

In the above email from Goulet Pens, you can see the brand is getting far ahead of the holiday rush. The email alerts that there may be some shipping delays, and it gives specific dates on when to order and what type of shipping to use to ensure packages arrive on time. An email like this with real-time tracking is a winning combination.

Holiday shipping is the name of the game

During the holiday season, your customers have very specific needs. What they want is to click buy and have their package on their doorstep within a few days. 

Brands that can make that happen win. These companies will build trust with customers, potentially resulting in a long-term positive relationship. The brands that cannot deliver on this might not get the benefit of the doubt in the future. 

In an era where package delivery and tracking matters more than ever, get ahead of the game. Give your customers the information they need to always know where their purchases are. Real-time package tracking can help you do it.