Make Your Eloqua Emails Matter More With Real-Time Ratings and Reviews From Zembula

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You’re a talented email marketer. You know your target audience and understand what they want. Your messaging is on point. If only you could more easily incorporate ratings and reviews into your emails, you’d be set.

Sound familiar?

We hear it all the time. So many email marketers understand the power of ratings and reviews, but email service providers (ESPs) fail again and again to make it simple to include them. And so the familiar refrain, probably said by you a thousand times: “If only I didn’t have to create a new HTML email template and test it for each browser just to include ratings and reviews!”

Well, great news! Zembula solves this exact dilemma by not only allowing for the simple inclusion of ratings and reviews but also the power to make them real-time. Better yet, Zembula does it all with drag-and-drop modular content blocks built and updated using a single snippet of code. And best of all, if you’re using Eloqua by Oracle as your ESP, getting up and running is fast and simple. 

Plugging Real-Time Ratings and Reviews Into Your Eloqua Emails

Zembula lets you create email images that contain live data. That means you can update them whenever you want. Nothing ever has to be outdated. Your emails can update all the way up to the second the end-user opens them. In fact, they can continue updating even after that, so that if the user ever goes back to the message, only the most current information is displayed. 

Think of the power of that. Let’s say you’ve got a hot new review that you just know would drive transactions, but you’ve already sent out your scheduled email. No longer a problem. Plug it in. And if another review or great rating comes in on top of that one, add it too.

Zembula Ratings and Reviews Content blocks

You can really up your game by personalizing these real-time updates. Only send what matters to each individual customer. If you talk to your customers as individuals, research shows you’ll realize a six times increase in transactions! 

And that goes for more than just ratings and reviews. Zembula lets you personalize your real-time messaging for things like rewards or loyalty program status, tracking information, cart abandonment notifications, location data, behavioral data, and more. 

Zembula Platform Ratings and Reveiews

Using Eloqua? You Can Add Zembula In No Time!

You’re closer than you may think to having real-time ratings and reviews as part of your email weaponry. Zembula is not an ESP but instead works with whichever one you’re using. And that of course includes Eloqua. Integration is free and supported.

Oracle Cloud Template Chooser

Pricing for Zembula is based on impressions, with the base real-time price including up to 200 million impressions at a rate of $0.50 per 1,000.

Once you’re situated with Zembula, unleashing its power is simple. You can put aside that budget request for the customized development you may have thought you needed. You’ll now have a What You See Is What You Get system whereby you’ll use the email editor to drag and drop data into content blocks. And you’ll never have to go back to the code to do it. 

Learn more by chatting with one of our experts. Your problem will be solved in no time.

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