Make Your Blackboard Emails Stand Out in Your Student’s Inbox With Ratings and Reviews

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Online learning is an excellent option for students or businesses trying to improve their or their team members’ skill sets. However, it does present a series of challenges. One is making sure your communication reaches them effectively and grabs their attention.

Remember, once your email gets into your readers’ inbox, it has to compete with a considerable amount of inbox clutter. That’s why anything you can do to help our emails stand out will positively impact your student’s ability to engage with the content you’re trying to deliver. 

Blackboard is one of the more popular e-learning tools used worldwide because it features just about anything you need to make your eLearning classes successful.


Zembula compliments Blackboard’s email capabilities, allowing you to add additional content blocks that help engage with your students more effectively. One of the most effective ones is the ratings and reviews block, which allows you to add user-generated content directly to your email communications.

User-Generated Content Grabs Your Student’s Attention

User-generated content can grab the attention of users in a way that official communications just can’t. That’s because user-generated content adds an element of social proof, which, as humans, we can’t resist engaging with. 

Ratings and reviews are a form of user-generated content that consumers everywhere rely on to make decisions. That’s why businesses across the board use them to help their customers learn more about their products and services. In short, they get better results since we can’t resist them.

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Zembula gives Blackboard users the ability to add ratings and review directly to your Blackboard email communications. That way, you can more effectively stand out in your student’s inbox. 

Our ratings and reviews block also can integrate with your stored data. Send personalized recommendations that optimize the impact of the content.

Copy-Paste Integration and Streamlined User Interface

One of the reasons Blackboard users don’t consider adding additional features to their email capabilities is how time-consuming and expensive it can become. Adding new features typically involves creating a custom development which just doesn’t make it practical.

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Zembula solves this by making integration to Blackboard a matter of simply copy and pasting a few lines of code to your emails. Additionally, our user interface is easy to navigate, which means you can start using the platform quickly and start sending more engaging emails. 

Click here to set up a call with one of our email experts so we can help you find new ways to keep your students engaged and improve the effectiveness of your communication with them. 

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