How To Make Small Business Saturday Work For You

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Small Business Saturday, officially sponsored by American Express, has taken some towns by storm over the past few years. If the “small business” description applies to you, read on for our tips for a successful day-after-Black-Friday.

#1 Find and use the official SBS resources:
American Express has put together a great micro-site full of resources and community support. You can even find other participating small businesses to partner with for the day, and community events including local rallies. Use these tools to ensure that you’re maximizing your reach, and aligning your small business with an identifiable major brand to leverage exposure. If you’re an official Amex card-accepting business, you have access to even more handy resources.

#2 Team up with others:
The great part about Small Business Saturday? In many communities, it turns into a kind of best-of-the-neighborhood-businesses block party. Leverage your connections within the small business community to partner with others. Offer discounts to those who have receipts from other businesses nearby, have a sidewalk sale or street fair with other shops on the block with food and entertainment, have a scavenger hunt or a neighborhood photo booth with the hashtag #shopsmall. Teaming up with your nearby small businesses ensures higher visibility and exposure for all, as well as great social media opportunities.

#3 Go digital:
Social media is always important for a small business, but Small Business Saturday lives and breathes through social media. Whether on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat, social media will not only let you get the word out about your participation, but will also create buzz for your events on the day of. After all, a good Instagram is worth a thousand words! Make sure to decide early on what your hashtags will be, and seed them several weeks before the event to build some word of mouth.

#4 But also go analog:
No doubt you have a mailing list complete with the physical addresses of your customers. Why not take advantage of that list to send out invitations or post cards about your SBS events? People will appreciate the nostalgia of getting real mail, and your event will stick out in their mind from the vast quantities of emails they are receiving around the holidays.

#5 Differentiate:
The biggest thing to remember for Small Business Saturday is that your business is a unique part of your community! Capitalize on that: find your voice and the value proposition that sets you apart from the bigger competitors. Remember that your human touch is your most valuable asset, and your ability to communicate face-to-face with the public gives you an advantage!

Let us know in the comments if you have any other great tips or experiences with running your own Small Business Saturday events!