Make An Impact On Your Bottom Line By Adding Ratings And Reviews To Your Magento Email Campaigns

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Consumer behavior has seen a monumental shift recently. In short, due to a combination of the Covid-19  pandemic and the overall convenience of online shopping, a large portion of buyers have switched from in-store buying to buying online. This has led eCommerce businesses to invest in finding ways to engage and attract their buyers. 

Magento Commerce is the preferred tool for businesses who are looking to provide a more engaging experience to their shoppers online. Ratings and reviews of your products are huge parts of having a powerful brand experience. However, adding ratings and reviews to your emails with Magento can still be tricky. Zembula lets you quickly and easily fill in this gap.

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Ratings and reviews drive more sales

User-generated ratings and reviews have become a required part of the buying process for every eCommerce business. Simply put – they help you sell more of your products. Ratings and reviews are key to providing your customer with the information they can’t find in your product descriptions and builds trust in your brand since they have access to other satisfied customers’ opinions that enable them to confidently decide to buy your products. 

Zembula lets you easily add ratings and reviews to your eCommerce email campaigns so that your customers can have access to the most recent ratings and reviews directly from their inboxes. The key difference is that adding ratings and reviews with Zembula allows for deep integration with your eCommerce platform so that the information on your customer’s email is updated at the time of opening their email. No longer do they need to click through to your website and navigate to the review section to find the information they are looking for.

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Copy-paste integration and WYSIWYG interface

Zembula lets you add this powerful feature to your email by copy-pasting a few lines of code. This means no complex integrations or custom developments you need to invest in. 

We’ve also made the user interface very familiar with what you see with most email service providers. This means a WYSIWYG interface with drag and drop functionality that lets you build your email content block quickly and easily while not needing to invest any time into learning how the tool works. 

Zembula Platform Ratings and Reviews

Better engagement leads to better results

As marketers, we know that to increase sales we need to keep our customers engaged throughout the whole buyer’s journey. Zembula lets you add ratings and reviews which are proven to increase your performance and make a measurable impact on your bottom line. 

Set up a free consultation with one of our email experts so you can see for yourself how Zembula can help your eCommerce business grow.

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